orleans: Your home at a glance - 02/21/15 08:55 PM
Have you ever driven up to a restaurant and your first impression was disappointing? Perhaps the windows looked dark and gloomy, the façade was worn and unattractive or for some other reason it just didn't look like a tempting place to eat.
It could still be a fantastic restaurant – a real gem. But, your first impression has soured your anticipation. If you still walk through the front door, it will likely be with the expectation of being disappointed.
This scenario often plays out in the real estate market as well.
A buyer drives up to a … (0 comments)

orleans: You don't notice it – but most buyers will! - 11/24/14 03:05 AM
Imagine you're viewing a potential new home. You walk in the front door and are instantly impressed. You explore the property room by room and like what you see. 
Then there's something you notice that's not quite right. An odour. You realize that it's likely cat dander and, now that you've identified it, you smell it everywhere. Suddenly the home doesn't seem as attractive as it did just moments earlier. 
The owner of the property is probably so used to the smell that he doesn't even notice it. Neither does anyone else in the household. 
So, when … (3 comments)

orleans: How to make sure buyers notice the best features of your home - 09/14/14 01:51 AM
Buyers are more likely to make an offer on your home if they see a lot of things they love about it. So what do buyers love to see? 
One of the main things they like to see is a lot of space. Of course, you can't change the size of your rooms, but there is a lot you can do to make small spaces in your home seem more spacious.
Buyers also love to see a clean and uncluttered home. Think of how inviting a hotel room looks at first glance, with everything neat and organized. Of … (0 comments)

orleans: Childproofing tips for your home - 08/17/14 01:20 AM
If you have young children, or expect a visit from friends or relatives with little ones in tow, it pays to ensure your home is free of hazards. The last thing you want is an injury that could have easily been prevented.
Here are some basic childproofing tips.
Remove everything that is toxic, hot or sharp, from within reach of a child. (For example, the leaves of some types of house plants are toxic.) If possible, keep children out of the kitchen while cooking. Install plug-in covers in electrical outlets. (These are inexpensive and can be purchased … (3 comments)

orleans: Are you thinking of buying a condo? - 08/09/14 10:57 PM
If you have never owned a condo, here are some things you may want to consider. The attached article explains some of what you should be aware of. Please note, this is written for the Ontario Canada market and there may be some differences in your area.
I have also attached a link to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation ( CMHC ), they provide Canadians with information covering all areas of home ownership and more.
There is so much to know when buying a home or condominium. For instance. If you buy a home or rent in … (2 comments)

orleans: 4 Home Hazards You May Not Know About - 07/22/14 11:38 PM
You have smoke detectors. Your doors have good locks. The bathtub has a slip-free pad. By all accounts, your home is a safe and secure place for your family to live.
However, there are some hazards that many homeowners don't consider or even know about. For instance:
Blocked eavestroughs. Eavestroughs clogged with leaves and other debris can cause rainwater to overflow next to your foundation and create a basement leak.  
Clogged dryer vents. High temperature air combined with lint is a near ideal condition for a fire. Check and clear the … (7 comments)

orleans: Creating quiet in a (sometimes) noisy home - 06/14/14 12:07 AM
Does your spouse like to practice the drums in the evening? Does your teenager like to play video games, with the volume turned up high? Are there other sources of noise you'd like to minimize?
There are many ways to soundproof areas of your home to reduce noise. Here are some ideas:
Furniture placement. Surprisingly, where you place furniture can dramatically reduce incoming noise. For example, a bookshelf covering a third of a wall can muffle sound from an adjoining room by 25%.  
Noise harmonization techniques. Soft music, air fans, and other … (3 comments)

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