relationships: If your not buying you're selling! - 10/20/17 08:01 AM
When you look at life, you are always selling AND buying. Relationships are all about selling yourself, sharing your desires, and introducing the direction you want to head. 
The sales arena has really gotten a bad rap over the years. Terms like "salesie", "pushy sales people" and perhaps "unscrupulous sales person" have entered the English language. 
What these terms display is simply a negative sales presentation or event someone has experienced. Their opinion has been terminally jaded by what they have gone through. 
The reality is, everyone is in sales in one form or fashion. The Mom who wants to get their kiddos to do … (0 comments)

relationships: Communicating with Internet Leads - 11/06/16 05:39 AM
So the world of marketing has evolved much over the last number of years. The fact is, the whole world of relationships has taken a new step.
A step in the right direction? 
As a person who loves people and enjoys meeting, networking and engaging in conversations I must say the Internet has greatly expanded my capacity to connect. 
The challenge however is the time it takes to actually get face to face interactions with Internet Leads. 
I have found that Internet Leads are more impersonal than I would like as I always like to get straight to the conversation and find out how I can serve! 
The folks … (2 comments)

relationships: What does commitment mean to you? - 06/26/16 10:30 PM
Our world is vast, the world is huge, and it's a small world after all.
I have heard these statements many times over my life. 
What does the world mean to you? 
Is your world too busy, too stressed or just right?
Based on your reflections, what might be a tell tail sign of how you see your world, is your commitments with your world.
Your world is based upon your experiences within it. You actually choose those experiences based on the thoughts you have and the actions you take.
The control lever to what happens in your world can be directly connected to your commitments.
Marriage, for example, … (11 comments)

relationships: Relationships and Scripts. - 05/29/16 04:51 AM
I had a discussion with my partner / Realtor / wife this morning and thought it might a good blog post. 
She has become quite versed at using scripts when talking to people and making calls.
I, on the other hand, am under the impression that given the amount of personal development training I have had over my career scripts, to me, appear salesy and less personal. 
I agree that you must have a way to "connect" with others or a good format yet most important you have to be filled with a feeling of who that person is and how you may help … (4 comments)

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