sales: If your not buying you're selling! - 10/20/17 08:01 AM
When you look at life, you are always selling AND buying. Relationships are all about selling yourself, sharing your desires, and introducing the direction you want to head. 
The sales arena has really gotten a bad rap over the years. Terms like "salesie", "pushy sales people" and perhaps "unscrupulous sales person" have entered the English language. 
What these terms display is simply a negative sales presentation or event someone has experienced. Their opinion has been terminally jaded by what they have gone through. 
The reality is, everyone is in sales in one form or fashion. The Mom who wants to get their kiddos to do … (0 comments)

sales: So how's the market? - 07/02/16 10:08 PM
I absolutely love hearing that question! 
Where ever I am, that is my favorite conversation starter, mainly because the person asking may be an interested party who may have property! And said ask-er is most likely responding to my answer to "what do you do". 
As a Realtor, I really enjoy getting into conversations about people's homes, lives, dreams and aspirations. Call me crazy but I just love people, even the difficult clients. 
"So How's the market"? Well, "I know that right now is the best time to buy OR sell Real Estate in Austin Texas". 
I know this because of the many years I have spent in … (2 comments)

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