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10 Ways to Save on Your Gas Bill The Department of Energy shows you how Make the most of your energy dollar. Just follow these simple guidelines and enjoy lower gas bills this season. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter. For each degree you raise your thermostat setting, yo...
Market Commentary - Fri, Aug 07 - 9:46 AM ET Employment headlines lead the news this morning, as the official Jobs Report revealed the US lost fewer jobs than expected in July. The markets had been expecting a loss of 328,000 but instead were greeted this morning with a loss of only 247,000, whic...
Our recommendation remains the same.If you are interested in investing in real estate long-term, now is the time to be actively searching for properties to buy:  There is little competition, so bargaining is easier.If you plan to trade up there is not much risk, if you stay in the new property fo...
When Will We Return To a Normal Market? First, we all have to recognize that a normal market is not what we have been in for a number of years. Widespread stated income loans, 100% and/or piggyback loans and many of the interest-only programs were not “normal” as few as five years ago. So, seeing...
Has government action helped? Yes it has, by averting a complete shutdown of US financial markets. But no it hasn’t solved the basic problem: Financial institutions are saddled with immeasurable declines in the value of their assets, which prevent lenders from assessing the true solvency of those...
Are We Near the Bottom of the Housing Slump? A lot has happened since the beginning of the year in the housing and lending industries. Credit markets remain choked, limiting lending and keeping the housing marketing depressed. Big financial institutions like Bear Stearns and a number of hedge fun...
How Many Affected by The Market? Whether or not each of us has been affected by the housing slump, it is affecting our financial markets and causing gloom among consumers, who feel less wealthy. The first quarter of this year saw a lot of ‘shoes dropping’ (Bear Stearns’ closure being just the big...
    Raising conforming loan limit not a simple taskFannie, Freddie may have to tiptoe into 'jumbo light' marketMonday, February 11, 2008While Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration will soon be allowed to dive into what until now has been the jumbo loan market, it remains ...
Good Friday Evening ! 30 year fixed conforming pricing was better by as much as 40bps this morning!  Here is an interesting article from this mornings news!Stimulus Plan Helps Some Homeowners WASHINGTON (AP) - The biggest winners in the economic rescue plan now awaiting President Bush's signature...
In the time it takes to count to ten, five new people will become victims of identity theft. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice Statistics, identity theft is now passing drug trafficking as the number one crime in the nation--with more than 15 million victims every year.Rather t...

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