Hello, I wanted to clarify something for Real Estate professionals andĀ evenĀ home buyers. The original intention in the phrase "information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed" has nothing to do with "I can put in poor information, and it is just fine, because of this statement on each listing on ...
Do not let the panic and paralyzing fear overtake you when you are behind on your mortgage.The WORST thing you can do is ignore the problem...If you are having trouble paying your mortgage and you simply need to lower your mortgage payments you can get help from either your mortgage company itsel...
In trying to decide what makes one agent "superior" to choose, let's look at what survey's say. According to the National Association of Realtors in survey after survey, the top two reasons remain constant. 1. Trust 2. Market Knowledge Lets look at those for a moment... 1. Trust can be implied by...

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