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If you, one of your clients, friends, neighbors, family members or just someone you happen to meet off the street is caught in the ARM crisis or just having problems paying the mortgage don't wait till it is too far gone to do anything about it.  Get on-line to and let them help. ...
I use to think the most important tool I owned was my computer. Well it is pretty important but if you don't know how to get to a showing you really don't need the computer now do you? When I first started the third home I was suppose to show was to a rather high profile manager coming into town....
 Just wanted  to share a tech site I frequent, I think of it as my mid-afternoon coffee break.  The most recent item I checked out was how to put a monster truck on my Gamin.  It's pretty cool but I am more of a Jaguar person.  Ok, Ok, I drive a Toyota but I have thought of searching Ebay for one...
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According to the Iowa Realtors Association the Storm Lake Board is up considerably over 2006.The Median Price for 2006 was - $69,500The Median Price for 2007 is - $88,800That's an increase of 28%Days on Market have increasedDOM in 2006 at midyear - 86DOM in 2007 at midyear - 118That's an increase...
Is this good or bad - well a little of both.  I am concerned that we are taking the same path the medical field has taken in this country.  Treat the symptoms instead of prevent the problem.  The problem is 2 fold in my opinion:1) Education about how finances work, parents where are you - it shou...
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Hello everyone, I do a monthly, quarterly and annual local re market report.  Does anyone else do market reports, please click on the link and look at the format (I use Excel spreadsheet - I love spreadsheets, yea I know I'm sick) and give me some pointers from what has worked well for you or wha...
If you like my new music videos that star my listings , it's easy to do.  Go to and click make a slide show.  I started emailing these to my buyers if the home and the client's criteria are compatiable. Everyone loves them...

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