buyers: Why Realtors Don't like Dominoes - 03/27/14 01:41 AM
This year so far has been a lot of work, I have a number of dominoes (sales dependent on other sales) in place. Throughout a normal year I may have 3 or 4, this year so far one of my transactions has 4 dominoes alone. I also have 2 others that are 1 and 3 dominoes deep. Anyone else seeing this, any idea why the increase? 
We have a detailed system to manage and keep everything on track and in order but dominoes make it tough. On the first dominoe, one falling out of place will be a very expensive … (2 comments)

buyers: Mr/Ms Banker your recommendations look like CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO ME - 11/18/13 02:16 AM
I am located in a small northwest Iowa town, Storm Lake to be exact. It is very seldom that we have a Buyer who does not ask the Seller to pay the Buyer's closing costs. Closing costs in this area are usually around 3% of the purchase price. 
Our inventory is very low and many times the price offered is not what actually ends getting an offer accepted, it is the combination of price AND terms. In a negotiation or multiple offer situation asking the Seller to pay the Buyer's closing costs can be very costly - in more than a … (1 comments)

buyers: New Alta Iowa Home - 02/06/13 03:16 AM
Great ranch home available in Alta Iowa. Just 4 miles west of Storm Lake and located on a corner lot, this home has 2/3 bedrooms, an attached 2 car garage, full basement   and a beautiful yard. Close to the schools, park and pool. Call Weaver Realtors 712-213-4663 to see this home.

buyers: Little Home Inventory Causing BIG Problems in Storm Lake Iowa Area - 02/06/13 03:08 AM
The inventory of homes available to sell in the Storm Lake, IA area is very low. We have a number of buyers looking at everything that comes on the market, just because it is new. We are also seeing multiple offers and backup offers on homes in our area. While this is good for Sellers, it can be very stressful too. Trying to negotiate multiple offers is tough, most sellers want to do one at a time, but some will opt for the way Fannie Mae foreclosure work and ask for the Best and Highest from all bidders. 
This situation will … (0 comments)

buyers: I'm buying a home in Storm Lake, IA - How do I know what a property is worth in the current market? - 04/07/11 06:53 AM
I'm a first time home buyer in the Storm Lake IA area.
I have looked at a lot of properties in the Storm Lake IA area and found 2 that I really like. But, how much should I offer the Sellers?   How do I know what a property is worth in the current Storm Lake homes market, I don't want to over pay but I don't want to offend the Sellers either?    Q: As a Buyer, how do I decide on how much to offer on a property?   Allie K.A: Allie, Thank you for your question, it is a good one! Our office does … (0 comments)

buyers: FHA and Tighter Lending Standards Could Negatively Impact the Storm Lake, Iowa Real Estate Market - 12/15/09 09:39 AM
FHA and Tighter Lending Standards Could Negatively Impact the Storm Lake, Iowa Real Estate Market
The FHA is looking into changing some of its lending standards for FHA backed loans in an effort to reduce the number of defaults and limit the risk to the FHA portfolia.  Some of these changes will include the amount of down payment required (currently set at 3.5%) and credit score a buyer will need, what percent of the closing costs the Sellers is allowed to pay and an increase in the annual mortgage insurance premium.  This is bad news for a lot of first … (0 comments)

buyers: Who is responsible? - 03/10/09 06:05 AM
A Seller doesn't complete the property disclosure completely, let's say they skip a few questions either on purpose or by accident.  The Seller's agent doesn't catch it and the Buyer and their agent miss it too.  After the sale problems arise, the Buyer looks back at the disclosure and that specific area wasn't completed. Now what?  Who is responsible?
Let's say the question missed/skipped pertained to the property getting water. Let me know what you have experienced or what you think.

buyers: IVideo as close to instant video home tour as you can get - 04/10/08 12:00 PM
I love this thing, I have used it on a number of new listings and I have several videos of the lake and area where I live.  It is so easy and it also records audio! If you are thinking about getting started doing some video home tours I highly recommend the IVideo.  It is so small I carry it in my pocket, I plan to video my buyers as they move in, my sellers at closing and get testimonials that can be heard and seen on my website.
I just need more hours in the day to implement all my ideas!  Check back … (3 comments)

buyers: Alta Real Estate Stats - Show It is a Strong Seller's Market - 12/12/07 04:01 AM
Since January 2007 there have been 20 residential sales, of the 20 sales Real Estate Specialists had 14 of the listings and 13 of the buyers.  Both the Storm Lake market and the Alta market are in need of fresh properties, we are down to 47 active in Storm Lake and 5 in Alta. 
In Alta there is 1 property that has an accepted offer and 7 in Storm Lake.  All the Realtors have Buyers that have been looking for homes for some time.  New properties that are listing that are clean and priced fairly are selling very quickly.
Take home, if you … (0 comments)

buyers: Great Mortgage Calculator for your Desktop - 12/07/07 07:35 AM
If you're like me I need to be able to crunch numbers with a lot of my Buyers, yes I do want them to go to a financing provider before making an offer but you know it doesn't always happen.  So, to give them a good feel for what "the numbers are" I use this program.  It is accurate and really good, they can see the screen unlike my hand-held financial calculator.  Check it out, this is especially good if you are mentoring a new agent and they are a little shaky discussing numbers with Buyers. Just have them practice with … (2 comments)

buyers: Check out the breaking news on the ARM Concerns - 12/05/07 07:43 AM
ARM rates not adjusting?  Stay tuned we're to hear officially tomorrow.  I'm really interested in the details of this package.  This is one you may want to email en mass to your Buyers.  … (1 comments)

buyers: Market Report - Do you do these, what works for you? - 11/15/07 04:15 AM
Hello everyone, I do a monthly, quarterly and annual local re market report.  Does anyone else do market reports, please click on the link and look at the format (I use Excel spreadsheet - I love spreadsheets, yea I know I'm sick) and give me some pointers from what has worked well for you or what would make this easier to use.  I am thinking about including additional info that has been asked for by the public - names of Buyers and Sellers.  With this info public knowledge at closing I don't see any problem, let me know your opinion.
Thank you!

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