iowa: Thankful - 11/18/15 05:45 AM
I just want to say thank you to all my family, clients, co-workers, peers and friends, thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for helping me see things from another point of view, thank you for showing me you care and blessing me with your kindness, thank you for keeping my life interesting, thank you for sharing time with me, thank you for walking with me through at least part of this journey, thank you for holding me accountable, thank you for speaking truth and wisdom into my life, thank you … (2 comments)

iowa: Avian Flu and Real Estate in Iowa and Minnesota - 06/05/15 04:22 AM
Seems like selling real estate and the Avian Flu couldn't be further from each other. But, there's a link and it is not a good one. My brokerage is in the middle of the avian flu oubreak in Iowa. We are beginning to feel the hurt from people being laid off at the plants, truck drivers and farm workers are experiencing reduced hours or are being laid off.
Three weeks ago we lost a sale becaause the buyer was a truck driver, he had just had his hours drastically reduced, he could not qualify for his loan. We are also seeing people who … (2 comments)

iowa: Satisfactory Home Inspection Contingency - 03/06/14 08:04 AM
General catch all contingencies like "purchase subject to a satisfactory home inspection" are really poor ways to help the buyers or sellers in a transaction. A buyer can walk for anything noted on the inspection. I believe ALL buyers should have a home inspection, but how do you word that contingency so that it is fair to both parties? 

iowa: Mr/Ms Banker your recommendations look like CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO ME - 11/18/13 02:16 AM
I am located in a small northwest Iowa town, Storm Lake to be exact. It is very seldom that we have a Buyer who does not ask the Seller to pay the Buyer's closing costs. Closing costs in this area are usually around 3% of the purchase price. 
Our inventory is very low and many times the price offered is not what actually ends getting an offer accepted, it is the combination of price AND terms. In a negotiation or multiple offer situation asking the Seller to pay the Buyer's closing costs can be very costly - in more than a … (1 comments)

iowa: Water Powered Backup Sump Pump - any experience, reliable? - 09/17/13 01:19 AM
Here in NW Iowa we get some BIG storms, the town my office is located in is STORM Lake, with those rains come flooded basements, overwhelmed sanitary sewers and in essence a big mess. I've been reading on a Water Powered Backup Sump Pump that uses water to pump water, it doesn't need electricity or battery backup.
Anyopne out there have any experience with these, if they work they could be a tremendous help in my area. I've included a link to the best article I could find on the pumps.  Thank you everyone!

iowa: Buy Leads - No Thanks - 09/16/13 08:39 AM
I can't tell you how many times I have answered my office phone and even my cell phone to have someone on the other end telling me I need to buy leads. I live and practice in very rural North West Iowa, Storm Lake IA to be exact.
Well I did buy leads, not once but twice and NEVER again. The leads were not qualified, some weren't even in the areas I practice. The best advice I can give to a new agent is don't waste your hard earned money. Put your marketing dollars into what works in your market. Not … (5 comments)

iowa: Storm Lake IA Real Estate Market Going Strong! - 09/16/13 02:32 AM
Georgia Weaver here in Storm Lake, IA, that's north west Iowa. Over the last 3 weeks I have closed on many properties, including a 5 property domino, written and got accepted 6 offers, wrote 1 that didn't get accepted and have 2 currently in negotiations. Is this what others in Iowa are seeing? Do you think it is somewhat a response to the mortgage interest rate trending up, the economy (we are very rural, and farm income is staying high for the past 5 years).  
I have also seen an increase in commercial investors and new construction. I am a … (0 comments)

iowa: Print Advertising - Where we get the most results - 05/10/13 01:33 AM
 I am located in a small rural area of Iowa and surprisingly there are still a number of people who look at newspaper ads and mailed pieces. We have used every type of advertising there is, including many types of mailings over the last 8 years. I especially like and have seen response to neighborhood postcard mailings on properties that have just listed, properties that have just received an accepted offer (especially if it is within 10 days of listing), and 2 postcards we send that invites neighbors to come to open houses and to compete with a newly listed property due to … (7 comments)

iowa: Houston We Have A Problem - Consensual Dual Agency in Iowa - 04/11/13 01:11 AM
Weaver Realtors Broker here, struggling to educate the public on the importance of representation in a real estate transaction. Here in Iowa, Consensual Dual Agency is legal, alive and thriving. However, it is doing so at the expense of fairly and honestly representing clients. In a consensual dual agency transaction where one agent represents both the buyer and the seller, who exactly is the agent representing? The agent cannot give either side preference, so the agent cannot make any recommendations as to how to counter, what to offer (doing a cma for Buyer?), how to negotiate, ..... Who do you best represent if … (5 comments)

iowa: Storm Lake Iowa - Buyers Are Everywhere - Where are the Sellers? - 02/23/13 03:22 AM
North west Iowa, Storm Lake IA to be exact, pretty typical for this time of year we just got about 6 inches of snow. What isn't typical is the number of buyers we are seeing out looking at every new home that comes on the market. Our inventory of homes to sell is down and has been down the last 3 years. The number of buyers has also been down, but something has changed.
What is the best way to get the word out to the sellers who are holding off until warmer weather? Those sellers who wait will have stiff … (0 comments)

iowa: Little Home Inventory Causing BIG Problems in Storm Lake Iowa Area - 02/06/13 03:08 AM
The inventory of homes available to sell in the Storm Lake, IA area is very low. We have a number of buyers looking at everything that comes on the market, just because it is new. We are also seeing multiple offers and backup offers on homes in our area. While this is good for Sellers, it can be very stressful too. Trying to negotiate multiple offers is tough, most sellers want to do one at a time, but some will opt for the way Fannie Mae foreclosure work and ask for the Best and Highest from all bidders. 
This situation will … (0 comments)

iowa: Diversifying a Brokerage with Modular Home Buildership - 08/28/12 08:51 AM
We recently signed on as Storm Lake Iowa's Authorized Independent Builders with a modular home company - All American Homes out of Dyersville, Iowa. If you are a broker looking for a great way to add to your company and to add to the value of your company look at the modular home business in your area. Our first home is a spec home that we are putting up, it will be set on the foundation tomorrow. Exactly 22 days from the time we started dirt work, 34 days from ordering the home! Something that a site built home will never be able … (0 comments)

iowa: Investment Properties in SAC CITY Iowa - 02/03/12 09:19 AM
This property needs work, including a complete heating system and some roof repair, but it is priced to allow for those needs. This is a 6 family conversion with a lot of potential. These apartments could be completed individually and rented as they are finished. Each has separate electric. Call Georgia Weaver to schedule a tour of this property 712-291-0118. Owner would like to sell this property with 316 S. 6th Street Sac City (a 5 plex).


iowa: Storm Lake IA Homes For Sale - Market Down 29.4% are you seeing same type of numbers? - 06/15/11 09:04 AM
Our market was down 29.4 percent in the month of May, part of that drop is attributed to the government incentive offered last year. But, even without the incentive our market has been trending lower. What are you seeing in your markets, especially Iowa real estate markets. From the state reports it looks pretty slow overall. I am interested in seeing if there is anything in common in the areas that are coming back from this down turn. The government is stating we are still declining, I know we are a little behind here in rural Iowa but, do you think … (0 comments)

iowa: IDX - Need this in our area, how have you benefited from this technology, how did you get others onboard? - 04/07/11 03:59 AM
My brokerage is located in Storm Lake Iowa, we are a small rural area with 3 multiple listing services within 50 miles. Our areas overlap so a number of the brokerages belong to more than one multiple listing service, which results in multiple data entry, etc for each mls. In addition to the overlap at this point (to my knowledge) none of the mls groups participate in IDX within their membership or with other mls groups (I do have an IDX agreement with one other local broker).
I believe IDX is a huge benefit to all our customers, clients, agents and offices. IDX makes … (2 comments)

iowa: What happens when the property you are renting is in foreclosure? - 08/12/10 11:14 AM
Just last year the Storm Lake, Iowa area saw this scenario played out. I received a number of phone calls from the tenants who were scared and not sure what to do and I am sure they are not alone. If you have anyone in this situation this video gives you the answers to their questions. A new law came into play May of 2009 and to get it out to a large number of people they decided to put it on You Tube. The video is from the Ombudsman for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).
Check … (0 comments)

iowa: Joan Ballantyne Congratulations on Receiving the L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award - 12/08/09 01:54 AM
Joan Ballantyne Congratulations on Receiving the L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award According to the IOWA REALTOR BENCHMARK, Joan Ballantyne was awarded the L. Martin Political Involvement Award at the Convention by L. Martin Lee himself.  The article mentions Joan's extensive service to the Association in the local, state and national levels.  I would  personally like to thank Joan for all her work and advice as a member of the United Counties Board of Realtors. Joan is a resource for issues and provides ideas and answers to relatively new Broker Owners like myself and to seasoned ones alike.
Joan, discovering your wisdom, your way with … (0 comments)

iowa: New Brokerage Blog - Saturday Highlights - 11/21/09 03:38 AM
The new office is located in a small town just west of Storm Lake Iowa, the town of Alta. I am in the office today, good traffic so far, new store opened in the building next to mine and it is drawing a lot of people. Many are stopping in or at least reading the sign.
My tasks today:Follow-up with 3 prospective sellers and 2 buyers, Complete and print the business newsletterReview a transaction closing on MondayMove sign frames to office and storageSet-up showings for Monday and TuesdayReview next weeks schedule (taking Thanksgiving off - family in)Prepare listing forms for 2 … (0 comments)

iowa: New Brokerage Blog - 11/21/09 - 11/21/09 03:25 AM
Below are the beginning business statistics:
1) Started my own Brokerage October 27, 20092) Experience - real estate (licensed 5 years), Associate Broker 3 years, CRS, GRI, AHS, BS Ed, investor 8 years, previous experience building and running my own company 5 years, corporate management 9 years3) Location - good for foot traffic, abundant parking, good signage visibility, office space remodeled to fit new needs, remodel completed by us and we own the building4) Equipment - Utilized some existing and purchased some - signs, office furniture, computers, printers, cameras*5) People - Myself and an Administrative person who plans to get licensed6) Marketing experience - 10 … (2 comments)

iowa: New Brokerage Blog - Startup to Finish Line - 11/21/09 03:09 AM
Hey Everyone,
 This blog is a record of the day-to-day workings and issues inside a new brokerage. I am writing it to help others make the leap successfully or decide to stay where they are after seeing what it takes to be successful and through your advice and input help me grow a new company 
I see this as a journey, and every journey needs preparation, resources and a destination. Sharing this with you will help me, I do hope to help you too. If you have questions about things as I blog please put them in the comments, any advice is humbly and gratefully received.

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