mortgage: Storm Lake IA - Rental Properties at a Premium - 03/09/12 03:41 AM
If you live in Storm Lake, IA and you don't own your home you probably know the kind of shortage we have in rental properties. Our office Weaver Realtors receives between 20 and 25 calls, emails and texts a day from people in need of a rental property. The demand has pushed up the price on rentals and it is very difficult ot get anything for less that $500 a month, and most are between $550 and $650.
What kind of a home could you pay if you paid $550 a month for rent? Well with interest rates below 4.5% and a 30 … (0 comments)

mortgage: What Kind of Mortgage Do You Have - 1 in 4 Americans Don't Know - 02/09/09 07:30 AM
Home owners are getting better at understanding mortgage terms, but according to a GfK Roper random survey of homeowners and others, 26% still don't know if they have a fixed rate, ARM or other kind of home mortgage. Still, the numbers are better than last year where 34% didn't know.What kind do you have; are you sure?I recently helped a client who wanted to purchase a duplex, the client insisted on using a particular lender because the lender "took care of everything last time", and they had already talked to this lender and the lender had told them this new property … (0 comments)

mortgage: Is Insurance Taking Too Big a Bite Out of Your Budget? - 09/27/08 03:04 AM
If you are as confused about insurance as I was checkout this article from  It is excellent at explaining what insurances you don't need, the ones that really aren't much, if any, help to you but really help line the pockets of the insurance company. 
I don't completely agree with the article on 1 type of insurance noted here: Flood insurance I believe is vital if you are in the 100 year flood plain.  My belief in this is the result of being in a lot of floods and seeing the devastation the Mississippi caused along the eastern border of Iowa … (8 comments)

mortgage: Housing bill bail out - some aspects you may not know, be part of the solution - 07/30/08 04:41 AM
Follow the link to read more about some interesting aspects of this bail out for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This article is by Gail Russell Chaddock and she addresses sub prime loans, minorities and block grants that will be included in the bail out.
I have been reading all I can find on this topic, this situation is the result of a partial ethics problem with Buyers and Realtors, and a total ethics problem with financial institutions, in a word GREED.  For several years I have been telling everyone in this area including bankers, buyers, sellers, Realtors  etc. that most … (2 comments)

mortgage: Pay your mortgage 30 days late and the result is a drop of 30 points from your credit score! - 04/24/08 04:22 AM
I was recently in an mls meeting and one of the bankers said that a lot of people are paying bills other than their mortgage.  Wow, that blew me away! Cell phone, credit card, somewhere to live... it seems pretty obvious what the choice should be.  Another thing that surprised me was what impact paying a mortgage 30 days late had on a credit score - a drop of 30 points for each payment 30 days late.  It isn't hard math to figure out that you can't do that many times before you totally wreak your credit profile. 
I know a … (1 comments)

mortgage: Want to buy a Home? What is your Debt to Income Ratio? - 01/25/08 05:34 AM
Who cares you say, in the long run you will because this simple calculation will produce a ratio that combined with your FICO score will determine what your interest rate will be and even if you can get a mortgage.
So how do you calculate your Debt to Income Ratio -
Add all the following:
1) Current Mortgage
2)  Credit Card Payments - Minimum times at least 2
3) Home Equity Loan payment
4) Student Loan Payments
5) Furniture and other installment payments
6) Alimony and child support payments
7) All other monthly payments (orthodontics, karate lessons, etc)
Got that Number? ______________________________ TOTAL
Next add up all your monthly income,  Net … (0 comments)

mortgage: New Minimum Credit Score to Qualify for PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) - 01/17/08 08:10 AM
With the number of foreclosures climbing the private mortgage insurance companies are taking it on the chin and having to pay out a lot in claims.  The result - it's harder to get PMI.  What does that mean to you, Mr and Mrs or Ms homebuyer, it means that  you need to have a credit score of 660 or higher or you may not be able to buy a home until you are able to put down 20%. 
 I am a big believer in people living under their means, I know that way of life is about as popular today as the word groovy.  BUT, If … (0 comments)

mortgage: Recent question from an email, "How can I find out if I qualify for the ARM assistance?" - 12/11/07 08:02 AM
If you have gotten caught in the  ARM nightmare and think you may be looking at foreclosure, there is hope. Follow the link below to see if you qualify for the assistance program. Don't just stick your head in the sand! If you have missed one payment you may still qualify. Contact your lending institution or the company that services your loan and call 1-888-995-HOPE, which provides counseling to homeowners with mortgage problems.
There is HOPE, the best defense against getting into trouble is to educate yourself and don't keep your knowledge to yourself, pass it on.

mortgage: Great Mortgage Calculator for your Desktop - 12/07/07 07:35 AM
If you're like me I need to be able to crunch numbers with a lot of my Buyers, yes I do want them to go to a financing provider before making an offer but you know it doesn't always happen.  So, to give them a good feel for what "the numbers are" I use this program.  It is accurate and really good, they can see the screen unlike my hand-held financial calculator.  Check it out, this is especially good if you are mentoring a new agent and they are a little shaky discussing numbers with Buyers. Just have them practice with … (2 comments)

mortgage: Check out the breaking news on the ARM Concerns - 12/05/07 07:43 AM
ARM rates not adjusting?  Stay tuned we're to hear officially tomorrow.  I'm really interested in the details of this package.  This is one you may want to email en mass to your Buyers.  … (1 comments)

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