storm lake iowa: Houston We Have A Problem - Consensual Dual Agency in Iowa - 04/11/13 01:11 AM
Weaver Realtors Broker here, struggling to educate the public on the importance of representation in a real estate transaction. Here in Iowa, Consensual Dual Agency is legal, alive and thriving. However, it is doing so at the expense of fairly and honestly representing clients. In a consensual dual agency transaction where one agent represents both the buyer and the seller, who exactly is the agent representing? The agent cannot give either side preference, so the agent cannot make any recommendations as to how to counter, what to offer (doing a cma for Buyer?), how to negotiate, ..... Who do you best represent if … (5 comments)

storm lake iowa: Storm Lake Iowa - Buyers Are Everywhere - Where are the Sellers? - 02/23/13 03:22 AM
North west Iowa, Storm Lake IA to be exact, pretty typical for this time of year we just got about 6 inches of snow. What isn't typical is the number of buyers we are seeing out looking at every new home that comes on the market. Our inventory of homes to sell is down and has been down the last 3 years. The number of buyers has also been down, but something has changed.
What is the best way to get the word out to the sellers who are holding off until warmer weather? Those sellers who wait will have stiff … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: Guns Ammo and Dead Animal Heads - 02/06/12 05:15 AM
Guns, Ammo and Dead Animal Heads. Storm Lake, IA has many homes with owners who hunt. Many deer, turkey, pheasant and other critters can be found on walls in this town. It can be problematic when listing a home that is owned by an avid hunter.
I don't show properties with guns out in the open, many Buyers have children with them, some guns are small enough to disappear. I am not comfortable showing a property that I know has guns and I know Buyers feel the same way. Dead animal heads are great if you hunt, but there are some … (1 comments)

storm lake iowa: Storm Lake IA Homes For Sale - Bringing on new agents, how to make sure training is done? - 06/15/11 08:56 AM
I will be bringing on several new realtors later this year, I am concerned about training. Most of the local brokerages do very little training, we do extensive training. We also think existing agents should go through refresher training, forms, laws etc change frequently in our business.
But realtors are independent contractors, how do other brokers make sure agents are understanding and applying training? Other than finding out after a problem has developed? If you have an agent who doesn't want to go through the training can you make it a term of their contract?

storm lake iowa: If you do nothing else when you put your home on the market, this is it. - 10/27/10 07:21 AM
Clean is critical, we stage every property we sell. Either by helping the owners develop a focal point in each room or by giving a focal point to the room in homes that are vacant. But, clean is a must, ato me that means sparkling bathrooms, kitchens, spotless everything, fresh smelling - not perfumed.Great article, and clean will get your home sold if it is priced correctly, but clean and staged will get your home sold well. The difference is the amount it sells for. 

CLEAN. Yes I know that may seem obvious to you and me but apparently not … (2 comments)

storm lake iowa: How to Improve Your Credit Score - 10/25/10 06:17 AM
1) Find out what your credit report copntains, how?  Go to and click on the green folder to get your FREE Annual Credit Report2) Take a good 2 hours to review the reports and figure out how to read them (there are 3)3) Make a note of everything that you think is inaccurate4) Gather your records5) File with each company the items that are incorrectCheck out the other helpful information at this link

storm lake iowa: Home For Sale AND What a back yard! 1012 Geneseo Street, Storm Lake Iowa, 50588 - 10/12/10 03:38 AM
Check out this back yard at 1012 Geneseo Street in Storm Lake Iowa. What a nice place to have a cup of coffee, enjoy family and friends or do a morning devotion. This may be a future project at my house ;)
I love to watch the video just to hear the water feature, try it.

storm lake iowa: 2.96 Acres of Land Just Listed in Storm Lake Iowa - 10/06/10 06:49 AM
This parcel is located on the eastern edge of Storm Lake Iowa. It is prime location for a multi-family housing development. Call me Georgia Weaver today to get more information or to learn about 2 additional parcels that just listed in this area.

storm lake iowa: Gracious Living Realty - any info out there? - 09/08/10 08:44 AM
Hello Everyone!
It has been awhile, I have been on vacation in Wyoming - went to the top of the world and here at home in #Storm Lake Iowa to the top of the #internet ranking world. Both have been a journey! I have a question, does anyone have additional info on this company, #Gracious Living Realty, would love to hear from you. Just found these great HUD video's for anyone doing HUD contracts.

storm lake iowa: What happens when the property you are renting is in foreclosure? - 08/12/10 11:14 AM
Just last year the Storm Lake, Iowa area saw this scenario played out. I received a number of phone calls from the tenants who were scared and not sure what to do and I am sure they are not alone. If you have anyone in this situation this video gives you the answers to their questions. A new law came into play May of 2009 and to get it out to a large number of people they decided to put it on You Tube. The video is from the Ombudsman for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).
Check … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: Curb Appeal - Yes We Can! We stage inside and out here in Storm Lake Iowa - 08/03/10 12:08 PM
Staging is vital and we (Weaver Realtors of Storm lake Iowa) stage every property we list to some level. Most people think staging is for inside the house but I beg to differ. If you don't have good NO GREAT! curb appeal in this tough market you won't even get a buyer in the door! This is how we do it - Clean, organized, reduced to the point of sparse, no pets, no pet smells, no smoke smells, no food smells, Plastic tubs for extra stuff, neatly stacked about 3 high in an unobtrusive area, this gives you the jump on … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: Seeing a Surge in Home Buying - Getting Close to School Starting - 08/03/10 11:02 AM
     #Storm Lake Iowa and surrounding areas are seeing a small surge in home buying, we usually see this at this time of year and it is as welcome as a cool breeze on one of our hot humid summer days. I sold 2 properties just last week, one that had been on the market for a while (226 Geneseo) the Metcalf House bed and breakfast and one that had been on the market for only 1 day - 121 Division Street in Alta. Both of these properties sold to buyers from outside our state.

storm lake iowa: Storm Lake Iowa New Youth Center - Call to Action! - 08/03/10 10:55 AM
2 friends Jay and Anne Dahlhauser of #Storm Lake Iowa are trying to save the north school building and turn it into a youth outreach center. If you are from the Storm Lake Iowa area you know we could really use this kind of community project. Send them your support and follow this link to get more information including a competitive/comparative market analysis (cma) for the old school and the contact information for the school board members.

storm lake iowa: Another One Bites the Dust....... - 05/27/10 07:08 AM
Sorry, I don't know how to write the sounds to that song's 3rd stanza. Just got back in the office after closing our first double sided transaction, delivering all the checks, getting the deed, ground water hazard and Declaration of Value recorded at the court house, and then I forgot the location of one of the the attorney's offices... Next tasks on the agenda change the Storm Lake mls, the websites,,,, pick up the sign (flyer box was picked up last week), send out new neighbor postcards, mail thank you letters, send thank you gifts, put it on the blogs, facebook, Tweeter, ..... … (1 comments)

storm lake iowa: Rentals Needed - Storm Lake Iowa - 05/21/10 02:41 AM
As a REALTOR, I am the logical person for someone needing a rental to go to or call. Our area Storm Lake Iowa and Alta Iowa is experiencing an extreme shortage of rental properties, mostly residential. I believe it is a fairly simple problem with an equally simple solution. Any ideas out there or anyone developed a centralized place to source rentals? I am not interested in reinventing the wheel unless I have to.We are a strange area when it comes to sharing information between REALTORS, most of our local mls members will not participate in an IDX system of showing each other's listing … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: It's May WHAT???!!! - 05/21/10 02:27 AM
I can't believe it is already may 21st, time has gone so fast since October when we first opened the brokerage. A lot of things learned in 7 months, although I think a business person should learn new things daily to keep up.  I'm sure I will learn a lot more in the next 7 months. The markets in the Storm Lake and Alta Iowa are strong, training for new agent Angelica Lozano is going well. I would like to add another agent, one with at least 2 years experience this summer. In the Fall we will add 2 new agents, by … (4 comments)

storm lake iowa: Fiesta Latina today in Storm Lake - 04/18/10 04:08 AM
If you are attending the Fiesta Latina today at Chautauqua Park from 2-7 please stop by and introduce yourself. Sign up for one of many prizes to be given away in a dwawing including 2 World cup soccor jerseys, 4 five dollar Honey Kissed Pizza gift certificates, a $25 cash card, mouse pads, and a number of other great surprises! Storm Lake Iowa's newest real estate services company is Weaver Realtors, we are located at 607 Lake Avenue and our office number is 712-213-4663. We serve our clients in both English and Spanish. Stop by to see Georgia Weaver the Broker … (1 comments)

storm lake iowa: Weaver Realtors is MOVING! - 02/10/10 02:54 AM
Just a quick note to all our friends, colleagues, trusted advisors and clients.
We will be moving to a new office and expect to open on March 1st, 2010. The new address is 607 Lake Avenue in Storm Lake, Iowa. An opportunity presented itself that moved our original timetable up by approximately 16 months. It was an opportunity we prayed about, discussed with trusted friends and finally came to the decision that it would be best to make the move.
I personally want to thank everyone who gave us wise counsel and has been instrumental helping Weaver Realtors grow into this step. You know … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: New Brokerage Blog - Saturday Highlights - 11/21/09 03:38 AM
The new office is located in a small town just west of Storm Lake Iowa, the town of Alta. I am in the office today, good traffic so far, new store opened in the building next to mine and it is drawing a lot of people. Many are stopping in or at least reading the sign.
My tasks today:Follow-up with 3 prospective sellers and 2 buyers, Complete and print the business newsletterReview a transaction closing on MondayMove sign frames to office and storageSet-up showings for Monday and TuesdayReview next weeks schedule (taking Thanksgiving off - family in)Prepare listing forms for 2 … (0 comments)

storm lake iowa: Great Home Buyer Tax Credit Reference Chart - 11/12/09 10:19 AM
Check out the new Home Buyer Tax Credit Reference Chart if you haven't already gotten one. Click on the link and go -  Home Buyer Tax Credit Reference Chart. Once there click on the red box with that info. on the page. I haven't been on in a while because I have been sooooo busy opening my own brokerage :)
We are Weaver LLC Realtors, great office, working with some really good Buyers and Sellers. A little nervous but staying the course and pushing on. One thing I am so thankful for is all the people who have supported me in this decision, … (4 comments)

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