video: Storm Lake Iowa Addresses the Local Extreme Housing Need - 01/04/12 05:10 AM
We have several local developers in Storm Lake and Newell continuing to work on new home developments and subdivisions, we have a number of investors working on flips and rentals, and we have a number of big developers vieying for the opportunity to put up some mega properties to help ease the local rental housing needs. Unfortunately, it looks like all the big developers are planning to put up low income housing (we need good, clean, rental housing across the board) but with the need at the several hundred units level and going up, every new rental clean good rental is a welcome … (0 comments)

video: Storm Lake IA Homes For Sale - Market and Weather Holding - 01/04/12 03:58 AM
It is January in NW Iowa, Storm Lake to be exact. So far this year we have had 2 snow falls, both slight compared to our usual massive accumulation. The good weather has helped keep the Storm Lake MLS active and Storm Lake homes  and surrounding area homes selling.  I just got back from the Storm Lake MLS new property tour and we had several new listings to go through, that makes me smile. We had a good year in 2011 and it looks promising for 2012. We are planning to bring on fulltime office staff and we have have a few more … (0 comments)

video: Storm Lake IA Investor and Property Manager - Blu Skyz Properties LLC and Weaver Realtors Growing Newell - 01/03/12 09:11 AM
Weaver Realtors and Blu Skyz Properties LLC are driving forces behind the recent growth and development of Newell, Iowa - a small town located east of Storm Lake, IA.  This town of less than 1000 people is prime for both commercial and residential development.
Storm Lake IA is very short of good, clean rental properties and this is how the push to grow Newell began. Newell has a lot of available properties that be purchased at low prices, BSP LLC recently purchased a large commercial building on the main street for $25,000. This building's street level is finished and includes, 2 handicap accessible bathrooms, … (0 comments)

video: Storm Lake Iowa Lake Property Under Renovation - watch the video documentation - 11/09/11 08:24 AM
317 E Lakeshore Drive Storm Lake, IA is a massive structure, 3 stories that look out over a beautiful park and then onto the lake. It came into my life when an investor I work with told me they were talking to the owner and they wanted to buy the property. Their question to me, what is it worth, how much can I pay for it and afford to renovate it so it has a good positive cash flow?  My response, let's get in to see it and then I'll have a much better idea of the repairs and purchase price to see how it will cash flow. … (0 comments)

video: Realtor Won't Look at my Property - How Do I Sell It? Video - 10/28/10 06:16 AM
 Seems like a strange question but after hearing the details I understood. This man wanted to sell his property but didn't understand how much work goes into getting a property ready to sell or how much work a REALTOR should do to sell a property. 
I spoke to him again just a few days ago, he had the work done to get the property ready to list and the REALTOR sold it in less than a week. Not only that, but it sold for nearly 10% more than he had originally thought it would list for.
The bare minimum you need to do … (2 comments)

video: Office Trying Something New - Weekly Video Market Report in English and Spanish - 08/03/10 11:11 AM
Wondering how the local Storm Lake Iowa real estate market is doing, Weaver Realtors is doing a weekly video market report. We can be found on You Tube - search for Storm Lake Iowa, Real estate or go to our website www.WeaverRealtors and look for the "Weekly Market Report Video" link. We started publishing our homes booklet in both English and Spanish several months ago and we figured we would do the same in our weekly video report. Check it out and let us what you think and how we can improve! Thank you

video: Husqvaran's Robotic Lawn Mower - Can you make one to mow 4.3A? - 09/03/08 08:17 AM
Robotic floor sweepers, vacumers and moppers (is that a word?), now a robotic lawn mower.  I love the idea, we have 4.3 acres and I hate to mow.  I emailed Husqvarna and asked if they made an industrial size robotic mower, I haven't heard back yet.  I am ever hopeful! 
Next it would be nice if someone would develop a robotic dog walker/runner, I have a 4lb chihuahua named Spike and we live in Iowa.  He is a racing Chihuahua, so he likes to go really fast, I don't keep up too well but maybe a robot dog walker ....... who knows … (4 comments)

video: Storm Lake Iowa 360 Tour - A Great Place to Live - 09/03/08 04:46 AM

Thinking of visiting or moving to Storm Lake Iowa; check out the virtual tour of the town by clicking on the title of this blog. The site is a really cool tool for anyone looking for something in Storm Lake, Iowa. Check out the downtown, eateries, shops, stores, lake, AWAYSIS project, city buildings and a lot more. See if you can find me, I'm located at 106 W Railtroad Street in Storm Lake. This site can also be used to plan a home finding trip, decide what area you think you would like to live in and check it out … (0 comments)

video: Video - How to Prepare Your Home for Sale by Elizabeth Weintraub - 07/22/08 05:28 AM
Check out this short sweet video by Elizabeth Weintraub on how to prepare your home to sell.  Elizabeth has a lot of very good points and she is one of my favorite bloggers. After seeing the video check out her other topics, her site is a great resource for all things real estate. For a detailed system of preparing to list your home and how to efficiently pack give me a call at 712-574-5426. This system works for all types of moves and I recently used it myself when we moved to our acerage. Click on the link below.

video: Any recommendations on video editing software? - 07/18/08 03:34 AM
I am planning on making video's of my listings, I like them much better than the picture tours.  Videos also give me another chance to talk about the attributes of the property.  I have several products that I can edit them with but if anyone has one they really love please let me know.  I am really into ease of use and professional end product! I purchased Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6 for my picture editing and really like it - although it hasn't been the easiest to learn.  I am not a manual reader, I like to jump right in but, I have … (2 comments)

video: IVideo as close to instant video home tour as you can get - 04/10/08 12:00 PM
I love this thing, I have used it on a number of new listings and I have several videos of the lake and area where I live.  It is so easy and it also records audio! If you are thinking about getting started doing some video home tours I highly recommend the IVideo.  It is so small I carry it in my pocket, I plan to video my buyers as they move in, my sellers at closing and get testimonials that can be heard and seen on my website.
I just need more hours in the day to implement all my ideas!  Check back … (3 comments)

video: New Listing - Cozy Home, great price, close to the lake, watch the video - 11/09/07 04:07 AM

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New Listing in Storm Lake, 26 Renshaw, $64,500.

video: All Marketing All Blog All the Time - 11/08/07 06:14 AM
I found this website that goes with the new book I am absorbing about blogging it has some pretty good stuff like Links to Blogging Tips, Blogging Tools, Blogs and Business, Blog Law and Ethics and Audio, Video and Photo Blogs (just a few that interest me) 
I have learned so much from all of you (Thank you thank you) I felt the need to give back to the superb knowledge base here on ActiveRain!

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