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Many newspapers are having difficulties because of decreased subscriptions and decreased advertising revenue. I believe much of the reason for both of these is the internet.Many of us want to get a broader perspective from the news - perhaps what's going on in a former hometown, or a place we're ...
06/30/2007 reports: "If you're searching for property in Tampa, luck is on your side. Too many listed homes and not enough buyers means you've got the upper hand.Want all-new appliances or $20,000 knocked off the asking price before you sign? Chances are, sellers there are willing to comply."We'v...
As part of NAR's recent Resort Symposium, many of us had the opportunity to tour several luxury homes. Five busses unleashed real estate agents to tour luxury homes in the Vail Valley of Colorado, ranging from $6 million to $25 million. This tour was not for the faint of heart. At high altitudes,...
Recently I commented that the wealthy in India increased by 20% last year.Lakshmi Mittal, CEO of Mittal Steel, spent over $100,000 for a mansion in London in 2004. This is just one of his residences.Mukesh Ambani, another Indian billionaire industrialist, is currently building a skyscraper in Mum...
Notice that I've used the word "compound" instead of "home" because homes of the rich today often include additional buildings (as opposed to former wings of buildings) for guests and staff.The largest that I know of is 110,000 sq ft, which is a 29 bedroom mansion on Long Island built by Ira Renn...
The annual Capgemini - Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report is just out.9.5 million people held at least $1,000,000 in financial assets, exclusing their homes.These people control about 25% of the world's wealth.The combined wealth of the world's richest people rose more than 11% last year.The "supe...
There have been previous discussions about bloggers responding to those who comment on their posts. Most commenters DO want a response. a) it's polite. b) it can start a dialogue.A blogger does not get points for responding (nor should he), but her post does count as a comment. How often a blogge...
This week Rob and I went out on a listing appointment - a waterfront home just over $1 Million. Having run comps and knowing the neighborhood, we suspected that this price was too high for the neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised by the home, its location, landscaping and amenities, and dec...
It's the little things that count - or at least, those are the things we remember. When I picked up my dry cleaning this week, they brought a bottle of cold water out with the clothes - they said they're doing this through the summer. What a nice gesture to show they care about their clients and ...
Don Homan blogged today posing the question about an overpriced listing, and whether the agent was responsible for not advertising it enough or whether the broker was responsible because he didn't check the pricing. None of the multiple choice answers were: the agent, because he priced it wrong a...

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