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Looking back over the last 15 years that I have been assisting clients with their mortgages, there is one BIG misconception out there when it comes to Mortgage Insurance that I want to clear up.  Some of it comes from the client just not being informed, some not knowing that each mortgage product...
In Today's lending environment, a minimum of a 620 is needed to obtain a mortgage. Here are a few of my favorite tips on increasing credit scores quickly. •1. Evaluate Collection Accounts - You probably didn't realize that paying off a collection account can actually lower your credit score. That...
Attention Oklahoma High School Juniors and Seniors- Here is a opportunity you don't want to pass up.  Everyone loves a challenge especially when it comes to scholarship money so see the blog below that Judi Barrett posted on the GO GO GEO Scholarship Video Challenge offered by TouchStone Energy. ...
Now that the contract has been signed and the earnest money has been receipted, now it's time for the title company to start their research. The title company will start examining the property in order to be able to issue title insurance. Usually within a week or so, the commitment would be maile...
With the ever changing mortgage industry, FHA loans are becoming more popular than ever.  One thing that most people are not aware of is that there are loan limit caps set by the Federal Housing Amdinistration (FHA).   What this means is the loan amount can not go over the cap amount that has bee...

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