branding: Customer service is all about the experience - 12/31/08 04:55 AM
We have all been somewhere that the customer service was bad and what did we do? We told 10 people how bad the experience was.
Great customer service leads to a great experience. Poor customer service leads to... well you know.
Set yourself apart with great customer service and attention to detail and your customers will tell 10 people what a great experience it was working with you.
That's the best advertising you can get.

branding: Getting the most out of your advertising dollars - 12/10/08 02:30 PM
There are three key elements to getting the most out of your advertising dollars: The right audience, the right message and the right environment.
If you have the right message paired with perfect audience, but you deliver it in a place or at a time when they are not open to it, your message will be lost or ignored. You probably have received a phone call just as you sit down to a nice dinner with the family only to realize it is someone trying to sell you a new credit card, upgrade your cable or some other product. You may already … (6 comments)

branding: Maybe it’s time to take a trip - 12/08/08 01:07 AM
When we start to feel over worked, run down or overwhelmed we say we need a vacation. We pack up and go someplace different to unwind and regain some perspective.
Well with real estate sales and new construction starts down across the board you might be feeling overwhelmed and it may just be time to take a trip. However, make this a different trip, go someplace close by and drive around the neighborhoods that are similar to the ones you represent. Look at the homes, count the For Sale signs, write down who the Realtors are and look at the materials … (6 comments)

branding: Moving the ball forward… three things to try. - 12/06/08 03:25 AM
In football it is the offense’s job is to move the ball forward. Scoring is the result of successfully moving it forward and winning means you are consistently moving it forward.  Successfully marketing yourself or your company is all about moving the ball forward. Sometimes you will make big gains and other times you will have set backs (we are in one of those economically now), the key is to have a plan of attack. Are you going rush out there with a big burst of energy and meet as many people as you can, spend lots of money on advertising … (4 comments)

branding: Make lunch work for you - 12/05/08 12:17 AM
Lets say a restaurant has 80 customers at a time during lunch. If you go in there by yourself what are the odds you will know someone? Now I realize that a lot depends on where you are, is it two doors down from your office and you eat there everyday or is it across town never been there before sort of thing. Maybe you know one to two on average. Now ask that same question when you take some else along with you, will your table be more likely to know someone else in the restaurant. Sure you will, if … (10 comments)

branding: Why do realtors put their picture on everything? - 12/04/08 12:04 AM
To be recognized, to establish a visual connection, to become familiar, so client will know who they are talking to when the call, and a bunch of other good answers.
Yet many realtors who work a handful of neighborhoods or areas don’t shop and dine in those market areas. Instead they go home to their neck of the woods to buy groceries, shop for new shoes or meet friends for dinner. Just ask yourself, will being seen close to your home support your marketing or will being seen in the area you specialize in, have spent all your marketing dollars in, … (12 comments)

branding: Don't confuse talking with engaging - 12/03/08 01:12 AM
Engaging customers is far more that just spouting words. Engagement is all the arts of listening, conversation, observing, managing expectations, and and assessing the situation all rolled into one.
You may not realize it but you are setting expectations before you even hear from a potential client. The company you are associated with, the look and feel of your advertising, your web site, your relationship with previous clients and sign you put in front of a property all start setting expectations. By the time a new client has called you they have probably been engaged by you at least three times. … (6 comments)

branding: Branding is about engaging customers - 12/01/08 05:07 PM
What’s your Brand Personality?
Your brand personality is what makes you unique. It can be funny or just fun, innovative, creative or weird. Perhaps it’s responsive, caring or trustworthy. Personalities are important because it is how consumers perceive you and what makes you memorable. Too strong and you scare consumers away. Too weak, they ignore you. Too weird, they avoid you. But get to the sweet spot of cool, fun or innovative and they flock to you. 
Developing and maintaining an intreguing brand personality takes careful planning and management. … (10 comments)


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