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Gettysburg Pa Celebrates Memorial Day The weather for the annual Gettysburg Memorial Day Parade could not have been better. While honoring our Veterans, Gettysburg Pa sure knows how to celebrate as well. What was wonderful was the spontaneous applause that erupted any time a Veteran went by, it i...
This a great post from my friend Paula Hamilton from Texas, great memories and a great comparison about being safe. Thanks Paula.... MEMORIAL DAY MEMORIES.  As I reflect today on the meaning of Memorial Day and what it means to me, I am pulled back into time remembering lives that have gone befor...
Memorial Day - History behind the HolidayWe all know that the Memorial Day holiday is about honoring our Veterans, but how did the holiday get it's start? It is known that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. There are many different stories as to the start of the tradition, many cl...
How Generation Y  Plays into the RecoveryGeneration Y goes my many names, Millennial Generation, Generation Next, Net Generation etc. The Gen Ygroup follows in the footsteps of Gen X. It is generally agreed that births that occurred between roughly the mid 1970's to the 2000's includes what we ar...
Robert E Lee and George Meade Continue to Faceoff in Gettysburg PaConfederate General Robert E Lee and Union General George Meade continue to face each other here in Gettysburg Pa. You will see two different equestrian statues pictured in this post, one of General Robert E Lee, and the other of G...
Gettysburg Battlefield - Landscapes and EmotionIn observance of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, I will be posting a daily feature on the Gettysburg Battlefield. I wanted to start with something that captures the emotion that one feels when touring the battlefield, yes the Gettysburg National M...
Smart Style with an Art Vibe @ Grace Kelly Salon in Downtown GettysburgLooking for a salon that can offer smart styling with an art vibe, then look no further than Grace Kelly salon right here in downtown Gettysburg, Pa. Grace Kelly salon has quickly become a popular, sought after place to get th...
Is your Market Plan on Track and Ready for the Hills Ahead?It is no secret that our current real estate market is unstable. Just because we are on unstable ground doesn't mean that we as Realtors need to interpret unstable as not profitable. If you have a solid marketing plan that is on track and...
Simme Valley Estates in Adams County Brings the Conveniences of the City to the Country         Simme Valley Estates in Adams County Pa brings the conveniences of the city to country living. Simme Valley estates is outside the quiet town country town of New Oxford Pa, just minutes away from histo...
Here is some great information from Kathryn Maguire of Chesapeake, Va. This is still a tough market and having a good credit score on longer determines your rates, it now determines whether you will get or not. Thanks KathrynOne of the most critical factors that will determine if you qualify for ...

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