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What is a Gettysburg Historic HomeBeing a  Gettysburg Realtor and specializing Gettysburg historic homes I am often asked "What do specifically consider a Gettysburg historic home?"  The answer depends on really on how old a house you are looking for. Many of the homes here in Gettysburg are pre ...
Gettysburg Battlefield Little Round TopLittle Round Top Is probably the most strategic geographical area on the entire Gettysburg Battlefield. Luckily for Union forces Col. Strong Vincent saw the strategic value of the hill top and made sure that the ground came into and remained in Union hands. ...
Central Penn Business Journal Marcellus Shale SummitThis past Jan. 25th I was fortunate enough to attend the CPBJ's Marcellus Shale Summit. Those who do not live in the area may not be familiar with the Marcellus Shale. The Marcellus Shale is the second largest natural gas deposits in the world.I...
Gettysburg Single Family Homes for Sale - List Prices are UpThe list price for single family homes in Gettysburg Pa are up as you can see from the chart below. In late 2008 the median list price for a single family home for sale in the Gettyburg Pa area was approximately $250,000. That list point...
Eco Smart Restoration Means a Smaller Environmental FootprintMany of you who know me know that I am involved in Eco Smart restorations of historic homes in the Gettysburg Pa area. I am a big fan of using the term "Eco Smart" as opposed to "Green". I believe the term green is often misused in the ...
Healthy Living GettysburgOne of the wonderful things about living and working in Gettysburg Pa is that there are abundant opportuinties to get outside and get some exercise. We all know that the easiest and one of the most beneficial forms of exercise is walking. The Gettsyburg Battlefield offers...
A Kick Out What, When Your Dream House just can't WaitI am currently in a real estate deal here in Gettysburg and it involves a number of dominoes to fall correctly for the deal to go through. I mentioned to my client that we might be able to utilize a kick out clause. The reaction I got clearly ...
Book Review: Online Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Agents & Brokers by Karen VieriaRecently I had the pleasure of reading this book by Karen Vieria. I found this book to be especially helpful in that Ms. Vieria has a wonderful ability to communicate usually technical jargon into easy to und...
Wednesday Morning WelcomeGood morning to all my AR friends, it is a snowy morning here in Gettysburg Pa. While today is a snowy one, the last few haven't been half bad, a bit cold, but the sun has been shining. That sunshine brought out one of my buddies. I have a little buddy that lives next doo...
Whats the Real Reason You are BloggingOver the past couple of days I have seen more and more posts related to the comments section of posts here on AR. What does it mean when I get hardly any comments, can comment stats help improve my blog content, do you get a comment rush when alot of people c...

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