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Help!! I am OUT of Control.... It happens every time, whenever I am talking with clients about Social Media and it's virtues the same points of conversation come up. First and foremost, 1) "I don't have the time for Social Media," and 2) "I am not organized enough" . By far and away the time fact...
At Chapel Ridge It Starts at a Young Age In the gentle rolling hills of southern Adams County Pa you can find Chapel Ridge Farms. Chapel Ridge Farms is home to 100% naturally grown beef, what do we mean by 100% naturally grown. Chapel Ridge calves are born to Chapel Ridge cows bred by Chapel Ridg...
Important Considerations When Branding Like many of you I have been "Branding" myself since deciding to become a Realtor. What makes you stand out, what can you do that others aren't. For those just entering into the Branding arena, and it takes on the same characteristics no matter what business...
QR Code Hell, We Aint in Kansas Anymore Toto Yet another QR code controversy. As of late QR codes the manner in which Realtors attempt to use them has come under fire from some in the Social Media world. While I understand that some of uses I have seen concerning QR codes is, well, not well thoug...
The Importance of being a Studmuffin It all started back in Atlantic City, a mild mannered Realtor goes off to AC to be a part of RainCamp. Young, innocent, bright eyed and full of potential....and gets completely blindsided! Okay, so I am not all that young, innocent, or bright eyed, but I am fu...
Your Account Has Been SUSPENDED !!! If you use Twitter (and you definitely should be) you need to be aware should you receive this email, this has been going around and it is a scam/spam email.  There are some things you can do to safeguard yourself. First check out the email, (posted below) does...

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