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I did this video back in Dec of 2010, what a difference some time makes. The pic of Irene Kennedy and Santa really got to me. Thought I would share and remind all of my AR friends and family that you all still mean the world to me.....Enjoy
The Power of the Twitter Hashtag Posted on February 24, 2012  In my everyday work pattern I touch bases with a number of social media sites, among Image via CrunchBase them, are Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Linkedin. Although my day usually has me on many different sites I definitely spend the bulk...
This past weekend was a special one for Gettysburg Gerry. While we have a wonderful craft Spring House Brew House brewery in the Appalachian Brewing Company right here in Gettysburg, I occasionally get out to Lancaster for the weekend and am able to enjoy two gems in that area. Well actually thre...
One of the hardest things for businesses that are new to social mediato understand is that Image via Wikipedia there is no magic pill. As with any social venture, things take time. I often get clients that don’t understand that even though it has been a month, they still don’t 2,000 followers or ...
Wanna succeed in whatever endeavor you are pursuing? Let me let you in on one of my personal success tools. I watch this video each and every morning. Puts everything into perspective right off the bat.   
The question is, are you any of the three, or areyou all three, or maybe your just one or Image via Wikipedia   two. Recently a friend wrote a post blog post about the world of blogging andwriting. My question to him was, does being a blogger automatically make youwriter, does being a writer mean...
This weeks episode of The Social Studmuffin featured our very own Marilyn Boudreaux from Lake Charles, La talks about integrating social media tools into your Real Estate arsenal. Then my half time co-host JK and I discuss what the effect the new wave of visual communications sites like Pinterest...
This morning I was reading a post that came through on my Active Rain Daily Drop, a daily Image via Wikipedia distribution of some of the best blogs in the world of real estate, from some of the best blog writers in the country. Active Rain is a gathering place for some of the best and most forwa...
Funny how things turn around and techniques of doing things runs in a big circle. We talk about that happening in fashion all the time, I wish I would have kept those clothes,  who knew they would have come back into style. Communication (Photo credit: P Shanks) That seems to be happening in thec...

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