adams county pa: 425 York St, Hanover , Pa has been REDUCED! - 10/28/10 09:35 AM
425 York St, Hanover , Pa has been REDUCED!No not the building, the price. 425 York St, Hanover, Pa has just become an even better deal. @ $ 119,900 this duplex in town is really a bargain. Lets look at the numbers.Price;    $119,90010%;     $11,900Int;        4.5%Term;       30 yr fixedPayment.....$547.22Current rents $625 & $475 = $1,100 per monthAhhh do the worksContact GettysburgGerry for more info.
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adams county pa: Adams County Tax Reassessment Takes an Interesting Turn - 10/09/10 04:32 AM
Adams County Tax Reassessment Takes an Interesting TurnAdams County Tax reassessment took an interesting turn this week. Freedom township supervisor Paul Kellett is proposing that the township sue Adams County to stop the recent tax reassessment. If the motion is carried it will open the door to other townships to follow suit. This entire process has been poorly managed by the Adams County Commissioners since the first day. Values that were given by 21st Century Appraisals are way off, the appraisers had no geographic competency, missing and wrong information, inconsistent valuations. To say the least this was not a job well … (8 comments)

adams county pa: Current Listings in the 17325 Gettysburg Pa area - 10/05/10 05:54 AM
Current Listings in the 17325 Gettysburg Pa areaCurrently there are 57 listings in the 17325 area code, Gettysburg Pa area. Price ranges run from a $65,000 commercial lot to a $2,295,000 commercial lot. Of course there is everything in between as well. The market in the Gettysburg has been one of the hardest hit in the Adams County area. Many of the school districts with much lower property taxes that surround the Gettysburg borough have become popular with buyers, and we are seeing buyers choosing those area's over the more expensive and restrictive Gettysburg Borough. Prices in the Gettysburg Borough have … (2 comments)

adams county pa: 2010 Adams County Childrens Advocacy Center Snowflake Gala - 09/30/10 05:08 AM
2010 Adams County Children's Advocacy Center Snowflake Gala

November 19, 2010 is the date, Wyndam Hotel is the place, 6pm is the time. The Adams County Children's Advocacy will hold it's 5th annual Snowflake dinner & auction. This years event will feature appetizers, cocktails, full course dinner, silent and live auction, as well as a live band and dancing. All proceeds from the  Snowflake event goes to benefit the Adams County Children's Advocacy Center. The Adams County Childrens Advocacy Center assists children in Adams County who are victims of abuse get the counseling services they need to negotiate through their … (4 comments)

adams county pa: Adams County Speaks up in Gettysburg - 08/22/10 04:40 AM
Adams County Speaks up in GettysburgFriday afternoon about 150 - 200 Adams County taxpayers gathered in front of the Adams County Courthouse to make their voices heard regarding the recent job done by 21st Century Appraisals. The event was organized by People's Voice Adams, an organization formed in response to the forced reassessment.  There were many people, A LOT of seniors, and property owners of all kinds. Many of the crowd carried signs, some fun and some that cut closer to the bone. Of course all the local news stations were there, and the event was closely monitored by the local … (1 comments)

adams county pa: The Product is Flawed - 08/06/10 05:13 AM
The Product is FlawedRecently Adams County tax payers got together with Adams County Commissioners to discuss the recent property tax reassessment that was Conducted by Century 21 Appraisals.  The above statement was made by one of the tax payers during his statement, and you kmow what, he is exactly correct.
 I have been listening to and reading all of the information that is coming out regarding the process and it's outcome and two things seem very clear to me. First, Century 21 used the wrong appraisal approach. Under USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) one of the first things addresses … (25 comments)

adams county pa: Absorption Rates for the Adams County Area - 07/29/10 03:54 AM
Absorption Rates for the Adams County AreaWith the current market conditions I have relying on absorption rate calculations to get clear, concise, market conditions for individual areas of Adams County. Absorption rates can be targeted to any price range, or area, and the variable's can be changed to really hone in on a particular market statistic, or used as a general tool to gauge a geographic area's estimated supply inventory. The calculation in it's basic form is to find out the number of homes sold in a particular area over the last 12 months and divide that number by 12 (months). … (6 comments)

adams county pa: National Housing Numbers - Market Still a Thrill Ride - 06/23/10 08:53 AM
National Housing Numbers - Market Still a Thrill RideThis week two sets of numbers for the National Housing Market came out, and it appears we are still on a roller coaster. The first numbers to come out this week were existing home sales, which were not good. According to the National Association of Realtors not only did we not the expected 5.2% increase in existing home sales for May, but we experienced a 2.2% decrease. This comes on the heals of a nice 8% jump in April. Two factors that are causing problems are the June 30 deadline to close for … (7 comments)

adams county pa: Simme Valley Estates in Adams County Brings the Conveniences of the City to the Country - 05/25/10 06:58 AM
Simme Valley Estates in Adams County Brings the Conveniences of the City to the Country
        Simme Valley Estates in Adams County Pa brings the conveniences of the city to country living. Simme Valley estates is outside the quiet town country town of New Oxford Pa, just minutes away from historic Gettysburg Pa. New Oxford is known for it's beautiful and numerous antique shops, it boasts over 500 dealers in the area. Simme Valley estates homes are built by New Age Associates, Inc. The owner of New Age Associates, Harry McKean was recently honored by the Gettysburg Adams County Chamber of … (0 comments)

adams county pa: Gettysburg Area School District Information - 05/21/10 06:09 AM
Gettysburg Area School District InformationGettysburg area school district encompasses a 185 square mile area of Adams County Pa. It services four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.
Graduation rate district wide: 2009 - 89%2008 - 93%2007 - 93%
Eisenhower Elementary School
Academic Achievement rankings are based on student performance on three years PSSAs results in: reading, writing, math, and two years of science.
2010 - 238th2009 -292nd2008 - 283rd2007 - 318th out of 501 school districts
Gettysburg Middle School                  Lincoln Elementary School
The Gettysburg Area School District employs approximately 233 teachers with an average salary of $54,489 … (4 comments)

adams county pa: Pa to see changes to State Uniform Construction Code-Good for the Housing Market? - 05/12/10 02:20 AM
Pa to see changes to State Uniform Construction Code-Good for the Housing Market?Changes in the 2009 state Uniform Construction Code are set to take effect this year as well as a number changes that go into effect next year. Some of these changes are going to be easy enough to handle on the job site, and some will not increase cost, others however will be difficult at both the job site and the selling model. There is enough concern from the new construction arena that money to purchase new homes is hard enough to get from banks and lending institutions. Now … (5 comments)

adams county pa: Historic Lincoln Train Station-Gettysburg-Pa - 05/11/10 02:44 AM
Historic Lincoln Train Station-Gettysburg-PaNovember 18, 1863 at about 6:00 pm a train would be arriving from Hanover junction carrying a very important passenger that in less than 24 hours would be making what would become the most famous speech of his career. The following day November 19, would be the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery with President Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg address. The then named Gettysburg train station would see a lot of action over the next 48 hours. Gettysburg would be playing host to some 20,000 guests and dignitaries the majority of which would be arriving via train. The … (7 comments)

adams county pa: Are you your Neighborhood Expert? - 05/08/10 03:19 AM
Are you your Neighborhood Expert?A friend from high school recently posted something on his facebook page that really got me thinking. Tommy Butler from East Rockaway Long Island quoted his dad "Always remember you're unique - just like everyone else." While I find the statement to be hysterically funny, and more than a bit correct, it got me thinking about the challenge we as Realtors face trying to stand out in a crowded sea of Realtors. One of the most important things I have learned from the AR community is how to correctly and efficiently market myself. I need to be … (11 comments)

adams county pa: Inspections...We Don't need no stinking Inspections - 05/05/10 01:00 AM
Inspections...We Don't need no stinking InspectionsIt always amazes me that I get asked repeatedly by first time home buyers here in the Gettysburg Pa area, "Do we need to get an inspection?".  My answer is always the same, yes you do need to get an inspection, why would you not want one on probably the most important purchase of your life. Depending on where in the country you are buying, whether it is the Gettysburg, Adams County area or San Francisco, Calif, you are going to be spending at least $100,000 for a building that you are not only going to be … (11 comments)

adams county pa: What do Stone Mtn Georgia, Mt. Rushmore and Gettysburg Pa have in common? - 04/22/10 06:33 AM
 What do Stone Mtn Georgia, Mt. Rushmore and Gettysburg Pa have in common? The answer to that question would be Gutzon Borglum don't you know. Borglum is the creator of the North Carolina Monument here on the Gettysburg National Military Park Battlefield. The North Carolina Monument was dedicated on July 3, 1929. It is one of the most popular stops for visitors to the battlefield in part because of the notoriety of is famous creator. The monument itself dipicts a group of Confederate soldiers during Picketts Charge. The State of North Carolina suffered the heaviest casualties on any other Confederate state … (1 comments)

adams county pa: Gettysburg area Lincoln Estates Mobile Home Park - 04/20/10 06:50 AM
Gettysburg area Lincoln Estates Mobile Home ParkJust on the outskirts of the Gettysburg borough sits Lincoln Estates Mobile Home Park. Gettysburg Pa is home to many mobile home parks, as is the entire Adams County area. Mobile home parks are popular home style choice for many Adams County residents, the state of Pennsylvania does not tax retirement income which makes the state a popular choice amoung seniors. Many of those seniors choose to live in one the area's many mobile home parks.
   Lincoln Estates Mobile Home park is one the more popular parks in the area, built in 1970 … (5 comments)

adams county pa: Single Family Homes in the Twin Lakes area of Adams County Gettyburg Pa - 04/19/10 08:12 AM
Single Family Homes in the Twin Lakes area of Adams County Gettysburg PaThe Twin Lakes neighborhood of the Adams County Gettysburg area offers a variety of single family homes to buyers. This out of the way yet close to the Gettysburg borough neighborhood is a sought after location. The lots are large and the houses centered on each lot offers large back yards as well as spacious front lawns. It is minutes away from shopping, banks, gas station, and the borough of Gettysburg proper. Homes in this neighborhood range from sprawling ranchers to spacious two story, all with at least a … (3 comments)

adams county pa: H2O can Cause Severe Damage to your Home & your Wallet - 04/17/10 08:17 AM
H2O can Cause Severe Damage to your Home & your Wallet
Here it is spring time in the Gettysburg Adams County area, and what that means is spring time thunderstorms, and with those thunderstorms comes rain. Rain by itself is not a big deal, heck I am in the rain every day (sorry couldn't help that one), but rain where we don't want it is a problem. The American Association of Insurance Services reports that water is the second leading source of insurance claims for home owners, right behind fire.
Most water damage can be avoided by performing a series of … (5 comments)

adams county pa: Are the Trees in your Yard Putting you Out on a Limb? - 04/16/10 09:12 AM
Are the Trees in your Yard Putting you Out on a Limb?Most of us have a tree or two in out yards to provide beauty and shade to our own little pieces of heaven. However what people may not understand is that choosing the wrong tree and placing that tree in the wrong spot, can cause alot of head ache further down the road.Here in the Gettysburg Adams County area we have a myriad of trees to choose from for our landscapes. What you choose and where you plant it can make the differnce between happily ever after, and cost and … (2 comments)

adams county pa: The Willard Hotel-A Washington DC Landmark-A Short Drive from Gettysburg Pa - 04/14/10 08:45 AM
 The Willard Hotel-A Washington DC Landmark-A Short Drive from Gettysburg PaThe Willard Hotel which is steps from the White House is one of the pure landmarks in the Washington DC area. The Willard Hotel is a short 90 minute drive from Gettysburg Pa area, linking two important Civil War landmarks. The Willard Hotel was originally built in 1818, and has been a hot spot of Washington DC political and social life.

Probably one of the most famous, yet largely unknown meetings of our countires history took place at the Willard Hotel. From Febuary 4th to the 27th, members of … (5 comments)

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