facebook: Social Media Tools To Help You Succeed - 09/18/12 08:55 AM
Social Media is a tough, time consuming business. I know many people think thatsocial media managers and community builders spend their time playing angry birds and words with friends. The reality is however that the majority spend an immense amount of time in “front of the monitors” so to speak. Some common  traits among those in the social media industry is a intense addiction to coffee, lack of sleep, and a friend community that spans oceans, continents etc. Any tools that can help make the job more effective and or more fun is always welcomed. Today I wanted to introduce you to 5 tools that … (19 comments)

facebook: Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool - 03/08/12 10:25 PM
All too often in Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, Facebook groups, etc the subject of social mediatools comes up. It is a broad subject which usually brings a myriad of
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different answers. There are many different wonderful tools to assist and enhance one’s social media experience, whether it be on a personal or professional level.
For me however, the one answer that stands out above all the best tools, apps, and software is an age old one. The most important in one’s social media tool kit is one that we were taught as young boys and girls by mom’s and dad’s all over the world. … (8 comments)

facebook: Using Content Curation sites to Address your Audience - 12/22/11 05:09 AM
In today's Internet, social media driven marketing and information world it seems that tools and practices are coming at us a break neck pace. Every day brings a new latest and greatest site or tool that we are urged to utilize. Even the way we go about promoting ourselves, or our business has changed greatly over the last few years. For me personally I enjoy trying new things, I love being asked to get in on beta projects, some I continue to use, some sit in the tool bar until I finally delete.
Recently I have been having some fun and success with … (11 comments)

facebook: I am Writing Blogs but Nobody is Reading Them - 12/07/11 09:18 AM
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Okay so you decided to start that blogging campaign, you've done a great job gathering pictures, researching your information, making your blog look it's best. Dang it you got some quality content sitting there on your blog site, you are as proud as you can be, because you know you've just created a killer blog post. Two days, four days, seven days go by and nobody is reading your killer blog. What's wrong here...
Writing and posting a blog without promoting it is no different than creating a website and not driving people to … (15 comments)

facebook: Facebook, We have to Talk, I've Fallen for Another Network - 02/07/11 03:30 AM
Facebook, We have to Talk, I've Fallen for Another NetworkBack in November I did the unthinkable, to the horror of my social media guru's and mentors I turned off my Facebook account. I was told that the end of my social media career was imminent, I would soon be crawling back asking for forgiveness and my Facebook account back. Well here it is February and I am doing well, great in fact, stupendous even. Frankly I believe I made a good decision, I am not the only one who saw the Facebook writing on the proverbial monitor. Since making my rash … (7 comments)

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