gettysburg pa: At Chapel Ridge It Starts at a Young Age - 09/20/11 05:02 AM
At Chapel Ridge It Starts at a Young Age In the gentle rolling hills of southern Adams County Pa you can find Chapel Ridge Farms. Chapel Ridge Farms is home to 100% naturally grown beef, what do we mean by 100% naturally grown. Chapel Ridge calves are born to Chapel Ridge cows bred by Chapel Ridge bulls, calves are raised eating only what is grown on the farm, and Chapel Ridge never uses any herbicides or pesticides in it's fields so you can be sure that what you are eating is 100% naturally raised. At Chapel Ridge they understand that raising … (1 comments)

gettysburg pa: Gettysburg Through the Eyes of Gettysburg Gerry - 08/26/11 02:46 PM
Gettysburg Through the Eyes of Gettysburg Gerry I have been coming to Gettysburg for as long as I can remember, from when I was a young boy working on a dairy farm on through to today. I have built my Gettysburg world around the quaint historic town of Gettysburg Pa. One thing that I have never taken for granted is the sacrifice that took place here, the complete and ultimate dedication to a cause from both sides.
One thing that I love is that Gettysburg is in a state of change, while most everybody who lives and works here in … (3 comments)

gettysburg pa: Take a Walk w/Gettysburg Gerry-Gen.G.G. Meade HQ - 08/19/11 12:06 AM
Take a Walk w/Gettysburg Gerry-Gen.G.G. Meade  HQ During 3 days in July in the summer of 1863 Gen. George Meade choose the little farmhouse of Lydia Leister to call home. Little did he know it would within those walls that the future of our country would be determined. The Leister farmhouse is a small two room home on the Tanyetown Rd just south of Gettysburg Pa. The choice was a contrast to the HQ's of Gen R.E. Lee on the Chambersburg Rd, west of Gettysburg Pa.
   The small home was positioned just inside the curve of the famous fishook … (4 comments)

gettysburg pa: Marketing Connects with more than just Real Estate Clients - 08/07/11 06:20 AM
Marketing Connects with more than just Real Estate Clients Sometimes I am amazed at the connections that I make through my marketing of the Gettysburg Pa area. Whether I write about Gettysburg real estate, Gettysburg historic homes, or what I have been doing alot of lately, localism marketing I find that I am contacted for a myriad of reasons. I have mentioned in the past the inquireies that I get regarding a good choice for food or lodging from folks that will be visiting our area on a trip to the Gettysburg battlefield. Well, recently I had a wonderful, but unexpected … (7 comments)

gettysburg pa: Thank You Once Again Gettysburg Pa - 08/01/11 09:41 AM
Thank You Once Again Gettysburg   Once again Gettysburg Pa comes through as the place that I know it can be. This past Saturday evening my wife & I saw Gettysburg Pa in action as the outstanding commuinty it truley is. Of course I know that most think Gettysburg National Miltary Park and Civil War when they think about Gettysburg, but I have been lucky enough to get to know the deep down community that is Gettysburg. I have emersed myself these last months in getting to know Gettysburg on a more intimate level, and I have enjoyed every bit of … (8 comments)

gettysburg pa: Ragged Edge in Gettysburg Pa Has Got the Talent - 07/20/11 12:51 AM
Ragged Edge in Gettysburg Pa Has Got the Talent On my constant journey to introduce the rest of America to Gettysburg Pa I have been frequenting some of the local coffee shops, and drinking establishments to highlight what Gettysburg after dark has to offer. While we are relatively small little burg, we do have a pretty cool night life that has some hidden gems.  One of those gems that sparkles brightly in the summer sun is the Ragged Edge Coffee shop in downtown Gettysburg.  It started as a way to highlight the hidden yet accomplished talent the lurks here, but turned … (6 comments)

gettysburg pa: Theres More to Historic Gettysburg Than the Battlefield - 07/18/11 06:05 AM
Theres More to Historic Gettysburg Than the Battlefield This last weekend people from Gettysburg as well as tourists from the outter areas were exposed to a real treat that is sweeping the county. Gettysburg Pa hosted it's 2nd annual Vintage Base Ball Tournament at the Hickory Hollow Horse Farm. This years Vintage Base Ball Tournament saw more teams, more spectators, more fields which all equal more fun. This weekends event hosted nine teams playing on three fields and watched by upwards of 2,500 fans. The rules are a bit different, such as a fly ball caught on one bounce is still … (4 comments)

gettysburg pa: July 4th Weekend at the Cashtown Inn - 07/04/11 07:04 AM
July 4th Weekend at the Cashtown Inn Every year at this time the quiet hills of Cashtown Pa just outside of Gettysburg are engulfed in the cadence of Fife & Drum. It has become tradition for  Confederate reenactors to inhabit the Inn during the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and fill the night air with the sounds of 1863. The historic Cashtown Inn built in 1797 was originally built as a stage stop and began serving the southern Pa area as an Inn and Tavern in 1815. The Inn got it's name from the requirement of first Innkeeper Peter Mack … (0 comments)

gettysburg pa: Gettysburg is Worthy, Gettysburg is Worthy of ActiveRain - 06/30/11 04:09 PM
Gettysburg is Worthy, Gettysburg is Worthy I actually think this particular challenge is interesting.  What building, place, would be worthy of hosting the 5th anniversary of Active Rain. To start things off with no slight intended to the people of Gettysburg, I think a company such as Activerain might be a bit confusing to Gettysburg Pa. Activerain builds, thrives,and exists on the principal of Internet technology, and while Gettysburg is alot of things, technology forward is not a label one could apply. So lets put Gettysburg where it is most comfortable, in the realm of history. I mean really, when one … (5 comments)

gettysburg pa: Does the Weather Affect Your Showing Schedule? - 05/20/11 06:50 AM
Does the Weather Affect Your Showing Schedule? Yesterday I was out enjoying a rare day of somewhat sunlight here in Gettysburg Pa. You see we here in Gettysburg have been experiencing a major amount of rain, so this rare brief  time slot when there was some sunshine I headed out to the Gettysburg Battlefield. There are many reasons why someone would want to move to Gettysburg, Pa, but I don't believe any are as compelling as being able to take some time, pretty much whenever you want, to go spend some time on Gettysburg Battlefield. So as you can see, I … (6 comments)

gettysburg pa: Sometimes I am Such an Idiot - 05/07/11 02:52 PM
Sometimes I am Such an Idiot Gotta admit that sometimes the things that I do simply amaze me. I work pretty diligently on my Internet presence and know that I have had direct success from my blogging here on AR in closing a transaction. Most times when I enter a contest it gives me a kick in the ass, one that is usually needed. Some time back when Bob introduced me to the concept of Localism I made it a point to "adopt" a few neighborhoods in my area and have been diligently posting on them long after the contest ended. … (8 comments)

gettysburg pa: Gettysburg Pa takes a Hike - 04/30/11 07:40 AM
Gettysburg Pa takes a Hike This morning I set out at a brisk 6:00am to help co-ordinate an annual event for the Rick & Sally Myers Animal Shelter of Gettysburg Adams County Pa. Each year at this time the shelter puts on their "Loyalty Walk" event. Historic Gettysburg Pa comes alive with activity during the spring and summer months, and the Loyalty Walk has become a fund raising staple for the shelter. The walk starts at 9:00am and travels through the beautiful rolling hills of the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. Todays walk was a wonderful time, the recent and huge amounts of rain … (8 comments)

gettysburg pa: How Many Romances Started on the Battlefield - 04/20/11 11:28 PM
How Many Romances Started on the Battlefield Your ever wonder how many romances started on a battlefield. Doesn't have to be a real battlefield, could be a re-enactor battlefield. Hey I am just saying, this is Gettysburg Pa and we see that kinda stuff all the time. Ghost tours aren't the only strange occurance's around here.

gettysburg pa: April is Restaurant Week in Gettysburg Pa - 03/10/11 07:17 AM
April is Restaurant Week in Gettysburg PaGood things are happening in Gettysburg Pa the week of April 4 - 11. During that week restaurants around the Gettyburg area will be showing off their talents during it's first annual Gettysburg Restaurant Week. This is a wonderful opportunity for all you foodies out there to tqke advantage of some of Gettysburg's best restaurants. Here is a list of participating restaurants thus far, be sure to check back often to get the updated list. 1863 RestaurantBlue Parrot BistroCenturies on the SquareDobbin HouseGarribaldi'sGreat American Grill (in the Hilton Garden Inn)Inn at Herr TavernJ's at the … (5 comments)

gettysburg pa: Are You a Big Fish in a Little Pond, or a Little Fish in a Big Pond - 02/22/11 08:16 AM
Are You a Big Fish in a Little Pond, or a Little Fish in a Big Pond

I was having a conversation about the Gettysburg Pa real estate market the other day. We were discussing the difference in markets in a small geographic area such as southern central Pa. Gettysburg, which a small rural community, including it's surrounding area, is however only a 1 1/2 hours from the Pa state capitol Harrisburg.

It dawned on me that Gettysburg is somewhat of a anomaly, from the center of the borough within 1 1/2 hours south is Baltimore, 1 1/2 … (8 comments)

gettysburg pa: Central Penn Business Journal Marcellus Shale Summit - 01/29/11 06:01 AM
Central Penn Business Journal Marcellus Shale SummitThis past Jan. 25th I was fortunate enough to attend the CPBJ's Marcellus Shale Summit. Those who do not live in the area may not be familiar with the Marcellus Shale. The Marcellus Shale is the second largest natural gas deposits in the world.It stretches from north eastern Pa and swings around  and follows into south western Pa. It also stretched into southern NY, eastern OH, northern WV, and western MD, although on a much smaller scale in those surrounding states. The Marcellus Shale has had it's share of controversy regarding the adverse effects that … (4 comments)

gettysburg pa: Gettysburg Single Family Homes for Sale - List Prices are Up - 01/28/11 03:07 AM
Gettysburg Single Family Homes for Sale - List Prices are UpThe list price for single family homes in Gettysburg Pa are up as you can see from the chart below. In late 2008 the median list price for a single family home for sale in the Gettyburg Pa area was approximately $250,000. That list point reached it's peak in December of 2008, however by December of 2009 the listing price for a single family home for sale in the Gettyburg Pa area had dropped to a low of $200,000. Clearly a $50k drop in a 12 month period reflected the overall … (4 comments)

gettysburg pa: Wednesday Morning Welcome - 01/26/11 03:09 AM
Wednesday Morning WelcomeGood morning to all my AR friends, it is a snowy morning here in Gettysburg Pa. While today is a snowy one, the last few haven't been half bad, a bit cold, but the sun has been shining. That sunshine brought out one of my buddies. I have a little buddy that lives next door to my office, he comes over to say hello when he is out and about. Let me introduce to you the one and only FRED.

 Fred is one of the coolest cats I have ever known, he comes by and lets me know … (4 comments)

gettysburg pa: Building a Bamboo Bike Yeah Really - 06/23/10 01:23 AM

Building a Bamboo Bike Yeah Really Tucked away in a quiet little studio in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn NY is the Bamboo bike studio. Yeah you heard correct, that is Bamboo bike. The studio boasts a mellow, friendly atmosphere where creating a green, cheap, durable bike from renewable bamboo material is the order of the weekend. You see over the course of a weekend bike builders can turn seven pieces of bamboo into a bike frame, and then use material to lash the frame together. The result is a sturdy bike that can stand up to dirt paths … (13 comments)

gettysburg pa: Gettysburg Adams County Area by the Numbers - 06/16/10 01:02 AM
Gettysburg Adams County Area by the NumbersThe market that we are all dealing with no matter where in the county you are practicing is unpredictable. Having as much knowledge about your particular area is a definite advantage. Who was it that said "knowledge is power, he who has the knowledge, has the power". I will be updating this information monthly so that  we can get a true picture of Gettysburg Adams County by the Numbers. Below is a graph showing the number of active listings by school district. The numbers seem to correlate to the size of the district. The numbers … (7 comments)

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