gettysburggerry: This Weeks Episode of The Social Studmuffin - 02/09/12 02:20 AM
This weeks episode of The Social Studmuffin featured our very own Marilyn Boudreaux from Lake Charles, La talks about integrating social media tools into your Real Estate arsenal. Then my half time co-host JK and I discuss what the effect the new wave of visual communications sites like Pinterest have on the future of blogging. Feel free to join us live Tuesdays at 4pm EST or catch the archive episode on blogtalkradio or itunes. Connect, engage & enjoy....


gettysburggerry: Evolving/Devolving Communication - 02/02/12 04:55 AM
Funny how things turn around and techniques of doing things runs in a big circle. We talk about that happening in fashion all the time, I wish I would have kept those clothes,  who knew they would have come back into style.
Communication (Photo credit: P Shanks)
That seems to be happening in thecommunication world to a degree as well. In a wonderful Twitter conversation the other evening the discussion revolved around the ever-changing face of internet and social mediacommunication. The trend for 2012 is clearly towards faster, visually based, interactive communication. The world of communication has definitely changed in the last year or so with … (3 comments)

gettysburggerry: My World of Bits, Bytes, & Pixels - 01/31/12 01:28 AM
I guess it is no secret, I am not letting anything out of the bag here, but I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. A lot of time conversing, learning, laughing,  living in my digital world of bits, bytes, & pixels. All too often I am asked why I would spend so much time “online”. Well let me say that I do not spend my day playing angry birds, orFarmville, or tweeting what I am doing every second of the day or night. I am working, and living and working within the social media world is no different from … (3 comments)

gettysburggerry: Why I Like Being a Pinhead, You Should Too - 01/30/12 02:13 AM
Why I Like Being a Pinhead, You Should Too Posted on January 29, 2012   During a presentation to some business owners this week, once again the topic of Pinterest came up. Seems since having Kelly Lieberman on my radio show, The Social Studmuffin, Pinterest has really been on my radar. Seems Pinterest is taking the country by storm, and with good reason. Pinterestoffers so much in the way of sharing, sharing in a visual, broad manner.
Pinterest can be used for sharing information about who you are, what makes you tick, and what interests you. You can pretty much tell whatever story you want, as much as or as little information as you choose. … (9 comments)

gettysburggerry: Beware Calling Yourself an EXPERT - 01/18/12 11:30 PM
All too often I read people’s descriptions of themselves on any of a number of site about me columns,  and I see them calling themselves “an expert” in their particular field. It always brings a smile to my face, because I immediately  question the persons credibility. Personally, I think the term expert should be used sparingly, one needs to really evaluate, are they really  an “expert”. I mean I have seen people who have been in their field under 10 years touting themselves “an expert”. If you can’t point to 20, 30 years of experience, you are not an “expert” by any … (88 comments)

gettysburggerry: Have Fun with Pinterest - 01/05/12 11:06 PM
Have Fun with Pinterest
Recently I have been getting quite a few questions about how to better utilize some of the social media apps that I have been sharing. This week I would like to spend a little time discussing Pinterest. Pinterest is a wonderful new social media site that utilizes the power of visual. Visual communication will become a big player in the way people communicate in the coming years. Sites like and Pinterestare wonderful examples of that effort. While is information graphics, Pinterest is a collection of anything that you want to collect from the web. Men and women both share a lot of fashion pin's on Pinterest, but … (6 comments)

gettysburggerry: Without Further Ado...The Chrome Dome Awards-Best 10 Apps of 2011 - 01/01/12 03:21 AM
The Chrome Domes are compiled by our judges Gettysburg Gerry andStudmuffin Media. You see Chrome is the Studmuffin, while Gettysburg Gerry is the Dome. The Chrome Domes are awarded by ease of use, applicability, and general overall coolness. There will be a short description of each app, it is up to you to dig in, root around, and decided if the app will improve your social media experience. One of the things that I always here about is that there are too many apps out there, it is too confusing. I suggest taking a few hours a week to explore some these apps, as … (8 comments)

gettysburggerry: The KawaStratten Chat - 12/28/11 10:45 AM
Anyone who spends any in depth time delving into the social media world will tell you that one of the ongoing, never ending debates is whether to schedule posts, or have them be all organic. I suppose a bit of background is in order here. In the social media world there are (or were, as you will learn) two camps in regard to the "correct" way to utilize the various platforms and tools available. One is the Scott Stratten (organic) approach, everything posted must be real time, and the Guy Kawasaki approach, it is okay to post good, valuable  content utilizing an auto post method. Both methods are utilized and abused … (5 comments)

gettysburggerry: Twitter... So Much More than 140 Characters - 12/16/11 06:15 AM
  Image by The Next Web via Flickr
Too often I hear real estate agents, business people, and people in general make the statement that they don't understand why anyone would use Twitter. There is always some type of comment about the 140 characters not being enough to say what you want to say, and that I don't need to get that into social media to have to use Twitter. I thought I would take some time and take a look at just what Twitter is and what it, or more importantly what you can accomplish with Twitter.

gettysburggerry: Spirits Of Gettysburg Gerry The Virtual Pub - 12/12/11 08:30 AM
Spirits Of Gettysburg Gerry The Virtual Pub  
 This week we made a trek over to York, Pa to check out Mudhook Brewing Co. Mudhook is a new brew pub that offers craft beers and pub fare. Before we get to the beers let me give you a little background on Mudhook Brewing Co.
A mudhook is an anchor, and that fit perfectly with the concept that the owners wanted, an anchor place to go for the folks of York. Alas, Mudhook Brewing Co. was born. The location couldn't be better being attached to the Central Market, and the pub … (3 comments)

gettysburggerry: I am Writing Blogs but Nobody is Reading Them - 12/07/11 09:18 AM
Image by the Italian voice via Flickr
Okay so you decided to start that blogging campaign, you've done a great job gathering pictures, researching your information, making your blog look it's best. Dang it you got some quality content sitting there on your blog site, you are as proud as you can be, because you know you've just created a killer blog post. Two days, four days, seven days go by and nobody is reading your killer blog. What's wrong here...
Writing and posting a blog without promoting it is no different than creating a website and not driving people to … (15 comments)

gettysburggerry: Goal Setting Tips for 2012 Success - 12/05/11 01:11 AM
Image by lululemon athletica via Flickr
Goal Setting Tips for 2012 Success
It is that time of year again, and businesses and individuals (sometimes they are one in the same) are gearing up for the coming year. Lots of re-evaluating and of course “goal setting”. In the last week I have been to numerous business meetings, read numerous blogs where “goal setting” was the major theme or topic of discussion. Goal setting is harder work than most think, as with most business exercises,  you get out of it what you put into it. Goal setting … (37 comments)

gettysburggerry: Do You have Clear Blogging Plan - 12/02/11 03:10 AM
Image by francescopozzi via Flickr
Do You have Clear Blogging Plan I get calls regularly from Realtors, business owners etc that know they need to start a blog campaign, but have no idea where to start. Unfortunately, people usually approach blogging having done little background work. There is so much more to blogging then most realize, and make no mistake about is work. Before you even write your first word, I think it is important to decide whether you want to be your voice. There are many businesses out there that hire bloggers, however if you are a small … (5 comments)

gettysburggerry: Vizify, Thanks for the Intervention - 11/29/11 06:15 AM
Vizify, Thanks for the Intervention Posted on November 29, 2011 Image via Wikipedia
Recently I wrote a post praising the likes of Twitsprout and Twentyfeet, while damning the world for giving us the likes of Klout and Peerindex. What I did not realize was that there are yet more Twitter stat sites out there, oh I know there are plenty, but some are just not good enough or bad enough to mention. That being said I did find another great Twitter activity reporting site just as I hit the publish button so it seemed.
While catching up on my missed episodes … (3 comments)

gettysburggerry: Are Home Buyers Still Buying Potential - 11/26/11 03:54 PM
Are Home Buyers Still Buying Potential This question came up recently during a conversation with some Realtor friends. These days we all know the state of the real estate market, up, down, sideways, who knows where it is going. However as with anything that goes through "changes" some aspects of foundation evolve with that change. 
Think back a few years ago, now don't daydream about the good old days, but think back to how Realtors interacted with clients, and who those clients were. We sold a very different product in a very different atmosphere back then. One of the products … (2 comments)

gettysburggerry: Silly Social Media Measurement Tools - 11/21/11 09:54 AM
Alright we are all aware of the shot in the foot Klout pulled a few weeks ago, however while all that is interesting reading, what does it really matter? The notion that one's social media influence could actually be measured is actually absurd. nobody knows or really cares what your Klout score is. I can say with experience that the same holds true for Klout, holds true for sites such as Peerindex, anything that attempts to put a number score on your particular social media influence is just plain silly. The inconsistency and unreliability  that is Klout and Peerindex merely justifies … (13 comments)

gettysburggerry: Why the Steve Jobs Apple will Cease to Exist - 11/07/11 04:39 AM
Right off the bat lets make one thing clear, this is not an Apple bashing blog. I am a droid guy, but I completely respect Apple and consider Steve Jobs the Einstein of our generation. So, if you are looking for a for a blog that bad mouths and knocks Apple, look elsewhere.  This is merely an observation and opinion piece with the content being the opinion of the author.
Since the recent death of Apple co founder Steve Jobs there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Apple Inc.  Stock wise, the stock has been volatile, but … (5 comments)

gettysburggerry: Supporting the Animals is Fun in Gettysburg - 10/30/11 04:49 PM
Supporting the Animals is Fun in Gettysburg Last week the Rick & Sally Meyers Animal Shelter held it's annual gala dinner dance at the Inn of 1863 in downtown Gettysburg Pa. Each year the shelter puts on the event that includes dinner, dancing and a silent and bidders auction to raise much needed funds for the shelter. This year the shelter departed from the usual formal attire and went with a Halloween theme that was enjoyed by all attendees, as is evident by the accompanying photos.
Auctioneers Larry & Jimmy Peters, a fine job as usual, each year Larry & … (3 comments)

gettysburggerry: Just "Do Good Anyway"...Mother Teresa - 10/22/11 07:55 AM
Just "Do Good Anyway"...Mother Teresa Recently my life has been going through changes, I have been "cleaning my life closet" so to speak. I have started a new business that is "gaining traction in the rain" and I have had to cut quite a bit out of  my time commiments to make room. In that same time period I have been cleaning my social media closet as well. It seems that the social media world has suddenly (or maybe I just wasn't noticing) become a world of me, me, me, self promotion. A world of who's cool, who's not, doing it … (16 comments)

gettysburggerry: Ambermac...Leading by Example - 10/20/11 05:00 AM
Ambermac...Leading by Example So this week my Twitter #FF is the one and only Amber MacArthur, better known as simply @ambermac. I first came across ambermac listening to her on net@night on Since her collaboration with @sarahlane on The Social Hour earlier this year, as well as connecting on various social media platforms, I have had the opportunity to see her in action.
I have been involved in the social media world for a few years now, read a ton of books by the likes of Kawasaki & Brogan, listened to countless hours of podcasts by some of the brightest … (1 comments)

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