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OK, maybe there could be a few other issues I could work on, but honestly "Laundry" is the biggie!  With 3 children, a dog (he has clothes, too) and a hubby we have a full load of wash with just what we are wearing at the moment.   Mulitply that by a few days and you basically get enough dirty cl...
. . . Leg Room, that is. When I'm working with sellers during a Walk & Talk Consultation I have to get them to understand the importance of editing their clutter. Many think that just putting away some of the papers on the desk or packing some of the personal photos is enough.  This is only part ...
Stagers say this everyday and real estate agents get it -- but do sellers really understand this? Most don't until you can show them a portfolio of before and after photos like the ones below that really prove this point.  Photos like these, where just the basic improvements are done, educate sel...
Many properties on the market have the "spare bedroom" that is a catch-all for the odds and ends of the homeowners.  Usually, they are supposed to support more than one function and get all the hand-me-down decor.  Agreeably, these rooms are not the first impression areas of the house, but they d...
Who is on your company's gift list this year?  You know, those special vendors, businesses, real estate agents and others that interact and support you all year long?  As a Stager I have all of those.  There are the agents who send me clients every month. Yeah, we love you all!  There are also pa...
How do you sell a 1949 2 bedroom/1 bath house for $259,000 . . . . . . you remodel it down to the studs!  That's what the investors did to this great house in Raleigh's Five Points neighborhood.  They added beautiful hardwood floors everywhere, granite counters, new windows, custom cabinetry, and...
When you think of a ranch-style home you probably imagine a one-story shoe box looking house.  Not this one!  Stunning Solutions just staged this beautiful executive ranch in Durham's coveted Hope Valley neighborhood. What is so amazing about this property is the floor plan and architectural deta...
Has anyone seen the new show Peter Perfect on the Style Network?  Peter is an image stylist who revamps small businesses and their owners.  I just recently found the show and have now seen 3 episodes.  Peter, who is British, reminds me of a modern day Austin Powers with a MBA.  His show is a comb...
Stagers, have you asked agents or office managers if you could present some staging info to their team and been told that they "think their office already has a staging partner"?  Well, I've had this happen a few times and each time I want to shout that if you "think you do, then you don't!"  It ...
Today I was asked this question by some wonderful agents in Georgia. It is a question that I have been asked before by a variety of people: agents, friends, and media editors. Everyone wants to know the "quick fix" or the answer that "cuts to the chase." Why? Because we live in a fast paced world...

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