estate: Up Town Butte Condos - 06/05/11 05:57 AM
Great Commercial Building with 7 condos and indoor parking garage for condo's 2 half baths in parking garage. A Great Monthly income already in place, Newly Remodeled with the best opportunity for growth of any piece of commercial property in Butte, Montana. First Floor has also has two great retail spaces. The main retail space is 4,000 square feet with kitchen area in. This space would make a great internet cafe, which Butte has non downtown. You could also have live music or open mic on the weekends. There is a back room that could be used for meetings or private … (0 comments)

estate: A Stroll Through Rock & Roll, An Experience - 01/25/11 01:01 AM
I grew up near the heart of rock & roll. Detroit was where Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels, Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad, Motown, and many other bands formed.
Rock & Roll is not just about the music, it's about the heart and soul that brings it to life. Visiting the R&R Hall of Fame was like entering a main vein that flowed right to the root of the cause.
It was a beautiful blue-sky day, with icy cold temps. Sherry and I arrived early and got a great parking spot. We were both amazed that there … (4 comments)

estate: ZZ Troutski's Fly Box: Tying a Dubbing Leech - 01/23/11 01:58 AM
The Dubbing Leech is another great fly for beginners. This pattern is easy, inexpensive and a great fly to cast stream side.
With this in mind, the beginner can afford to lose flies in the brush or stream and concentrate on enhancing casting techniques.
I have used this fly pattern both heavily weighted and un-weighted with fantastic results and great to use warm or cold water. This fly also works well on either a turned down or straight eye hook. I have caught trout of every size and even a few bass with this particular pattern.
Materials:(Use your favorite brand*)

estate: Social Media Determines Travel and Activity Purchases - 01/21/11 02:56 AM
Real time shopping is becoming very popular to travelers across the world. Online purchases show that more travelers are booking their own airline reservations, scheduling accommodations, and choosing more activities than ever before.
A leading travel market research firm has discovered that social media through real time searches will have a massive impact on what travelers do and how they will spend their money on vacation. Travelers in the U.S. last year spent 26.8 billion on tours, skiing, sports events, amusement parks, spas, museums, zoos, concerts and other cultural and recreational activities. That's more than twice the amount spent on cruises … (2 comments)

estate: Remarketing With Content Writing and Sentiment Tracking - 01/06/11 01:11 AM
What is remarketing?
Remarketing is about using social media as a tool to explosive sales by up to 20% with your present client base.
Websites are more dynamic and interactive than ever before. Now it is possible to leverage the high volume of conversation, on the engaging, emerging, energizing, ever expanding, framework of digital life, it is called Social Media!
In today's world, social media is the leading edge to renewed success. Remarketing increases new customer growth and the ability to bring past clients back to your company, expanding the bottom line.
The social media revolution is unlike any sector of the Internet Revolution … (0 comments)

estate: Great Lakes Adventure is a Real Treat for Everyone Who Loves Road Trekking - 12/20/10 02:42 AM
Duluth, Minnesota, marked the beginning of our Great Lake Adventure. Seeing Lake Superior was a real treat for Sherry. She said it reminded her of that amazing feeling of seeing the ocean for the first time. Sometimes it is just as much fun seeing the excitement of another's experience.
We traveled through Wisconsin toward the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stopped at The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, located just before Ashland. Little did we know this stop would begin the theme for this journey.
Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly … (5 comments)

estate: Social Media Offers Road Map to Success - 12/17/10 05:19 AM
Remember how you were taught to believe that the world is round? Well, maybe it's time to change how you think and look at the world from a business point of view. The world has become truly flat.
Every company, brand, and product has the ability to compete in the local or global markets of the world. At the moment, the size of a company does not matter. Any company, brand or product can get a foothold in social media and have the ability to dominate their markets.
It takes planning and time to complete the circle, a funnel, or cash … (3 comments)

estate: Fine Tuning Your Social Marketing Plan Through Sentiment Analysis - 12/04/10 02:00 AM
I was asked this last week to write an article about how marketing is changing and the positive or negitive sentiment  of a company or product is now being tracked in real time by search engines.  I hope this will help all of you with branding of your selves and your companies. 
Social media marketing is rapidly expanding the way businesses are relating to their clients and the world. Companies are being bombarded with platforms, tools and technologies without a real understanding of how to integrate social media effectively.
Social Media Marketing is the way forward enabling marketers and companies to develop and … (0 comments)

estate: Worried About Falling House Prices - 11/29/10 03:20 AM
Worried about falling house prices
So it's nearly time to start thinking about moving to a new home. We've been in our current place for almost four years now, and considering we only intended to stay there for a couple of years in the first place, we're both starting to get a bit impatient about taking the next step!
When you've been living in one place for so long, you start to notice all the problems a lot more - like cracks in walls, worn carpets and buzzing light switches - and given the events of recent years, you … (2 comments)

estate: Virtual Assistant Programs and Twitter Accounts - 11/29/10 12:44 AM
I was asked to write this article on twitter and and virtual assistants for News Blaze and also felt that this pertained to the real estate industry as well.  By creating the proper structures a real estate agent or company can reach new levels in sales and find more clients, then they ever believe possible.
The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant to manage your social media presence will give your company the edge to success. A quality virtual assistant will look at all of your output and work with you to improve on the message and the amount of money … (3 comments)

estate: Fast Company Influence Project 2010 - 11/17/10 01:21 AM
In the summer of 2010, Fast Company Magazine decided to find out who is most influential online. The idea was based on who could get the most people to follow a link to a website. The group that jumped in to see who had the most influence was as broad as Youtube Celebrities to Social Media officers as well as the average person on Twitter.
The race was on for six weeks, with as many 32,955 participants bringing in 1.63 million unique visitors. Fast Company created the "nobodies into somebodies". With the top person receiving 500,000 clicks. In the magazine fold … (0 comments)

estate: Montana Moments from the Fly - 11/02/10 07:01 AM
It's winding down to the last few days of a week's worth of fishing through central Montana. I began the first few days hiking up Bear Trap Canyon, into the wilderness area several miles up on the Madison River to fish my way out. The wind was blowing about 15 to 20 miles an hour with hoppers popping up everywhere.
For the first couple of hours I had a hard time holding on to any fish, as they were furiously taking the fly. A couple of Rainbows took delight in throwing the hopper pattern right back at me. Finally after about … (0 comments)

estate: Road Trekin Adventures / Virtual Assistant Program / Business Expansion - 09/01/10 10:42 AM
Good Day,
I'd like to take a moment to introduce our company, Be First Inc.  Be First is a full-service advertising agency that realized the benefits of social media three years ago.  We have been expanding and energizing  companies bottom line, to keep their edge to remain on top of the marketing game through a mixture of traditional and social media advertising.
As a marketing company, our belief is "A Brand Lives in A Person's Heart, not the Head".  We are using the very best of social media and radio, to create Road Trekin Adventures and The Grass Roots/ Back Road … (0 comments)

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