travel: The Mystery & Myths of the Badlands - 11/24/14 08:40 PM
  The Mystery & Myths of the Badlands  
Badlands National Park is not only one of the most amazing scenic spots in the world, but it is also one of the most eccentric. That area is a type of other-worldly experience, as if the land holds mysteries and myths hidden deep within the buttes. The high rock formations seem to dare and challenge you to reach the top; perhaps climb as far and fast as you can in order to meet the people who are still roaming there – just beyond your line of vision.   Over 11,000 years … (2 comments)

travel: From Mammoths to Humans ‘Zion’ Remains the Ultimate Sanctuary - 11/14/14 08:59 AM
From Mammoths to Humans ‘Zion’ Remains the Ultimate Sanctuary
There are an array of national parks across this country; some with history that reveals other cultures living long before present-day mankind – cultures and people that remain the backbone and building blocks of who we are today. However, when the word ‘ancient’ is spoken where national parks are concerned, Zion National Park is the location that comes to mind first. It was back in 1919, that Zion became a National Park in Utah, and the area is literally stunning. From canyons to cliffs, the hiking opportunities are thrilling, … (0 comments)

travel: Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center: Visit the Mecca of the West! - 05/29/11 06:17 AM
Is there any possible way to combine fun and entertainment with fly-fishing, sports, hiking, and history, framed by the most beautiful wildlife and scenery you`ve ever seen in your life?  Yes, as a matter of fact there is, and Yellowstone Inn gives you this package of sheer perfection so that you and your family get peace, serenity, and a whole lot of fun.  

Over the nest few weeks we`re going to be talking aboutYellowstone Inn.  Why?  I know "you`re going to say there are other good hotels, so why this one? Readers, I can not stress enough the fact thatYellowstone Inn is the actual Mecca of beauty in the … (0 comments)

travel: Social Media Determines Travel and Activity Purchases - 01/21/11 02:56 AM
Real time shopping is becoming very popular to travelers across the world. Online purchases show that more travelers are booking their own airline reservations, scheduling accommodations, and choosing more activities than ever before.
A leading travel market research firm has discovered that social media through real time searches will have a massive impact on what travelers do and how they will spend their money on vacation. Travelers in the U.S. last year spent 26.8 billion on tours, skiing, sports events, amusement parks, spas, museums, zoos, concerts and other cultural and recreational activities. That's more than twice the amount spent on cruises … (2 comments)

travel: Trip to Michigan Completes The Holiday Season - 01/18/11 04:48 AM
We have been quite fortunate in so many ways. The weather has been extremely good to us. The day we left Montana the temperature was in the 70's, which is pretty incredible for November. The very next day, Dad told us that is was snowing back home. News of more snow and bitter cold temperatures back home, just made our trip more exciting. We had left, just in time!
It had been twenty-six years since my last trip to Michigan. Much has changed, and yet some things seemed exactly the same. I was blown away by the changes in my old … (0 comments)

travel: Great Lakes Adventure is a Real Treat for Everyone Who Loves Road Trekking - 12/20/10 02:42 AM
Duluth, Minnesota, marked the beginning of our Great Lake Adventure. Seeing Lake Superior was a real treat for Sherry. She said it reminded her of that amazing feeling of seeing the ocean for the first time. Sometimes it is just as much fun seeing the excitement of another's experience.
We traveled through Wisconsin toward the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stopped at The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, located just before Ashland. Little did we know this stop would begin the theme for this journey.
Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly … (5 comments)

travel: Montana Fly Fishing Adventures - 12/14/10 12:41 AM
Enjoy serenity and some of the finest fly fishing in the west. Central Montana offers the most incredible wade and float fishing in the state. Start your fly fishing adventure in central Montana  and experience the best of Montana. Spend a couple days or weeks and create your angling memories of a lifetime.
Fish the local streams, such as Missouri, River, Smith River, Blackfoot, Big Spring Creek and Warm Spring Creek. Take a short drive to the Judith River for some amazing views and more fine fishing. These streams are all wade able with Rainbow and Brown Trout as big as 25 inches.

travel: Montana's Geological Paradise Makoshika State Park is Not a Bad Land After All - 12/13/10 12:54 AM
Just outside of Glendive Montana, we saw a sign that read Makoshika State Park. Sounded like an interesting place to explore and a perfect time to take a stretch break. Turns out, Makoshika is the largest State Park in Montana with a land mass of 11,400 acres.
Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.

travel: River City Root Festival / August 28-29, 2010 - 08/31/10 06:26 AM
River City Root Festival
Missoula, Montana
.  It's Missoula, Montana's signature celebration of the Arts. This past August 28 - 29, 2010 was the annul River City root Festival 

This is a two day festival with a juried Art Show, A Four Mile Run / Walk, Family Events and two stages of Music. The stage at Caras Park, Down on the Clark Fork River, had local bands. Quite a few were high school kids, which was quite interesting all in its self.Some of them were quite talented, though. In other areas along the river trail in the park were, Montana Public Radio Story Telling, instrument creating, … (1 comments)

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