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I have a confession to make. I woke up at 2 a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time, USA) today and watched the Royal Wedding. (Vows were exchanged about an hour later.) No, I didn't set my alarm clock to ring. And no, I didn't plan it. I just happened to not be able to sleep (no lie), turned on my wife's c...
This blog post is the next in a continuing monthly series where I'll pass on some information of interest that you may not get the opportunity to see otherwise. It won't take long for you to check out the following four articles covering real estate and technology. Live Mortgage Free By Turning ...
The screaming line drive was hooking wickedly towards the right field line. There was only time for a quick dive out of my shoes from a crouched and ready position. The ball would hit against the tip of my glove and roll. All the way to the fence. One run scored. Two runs. Three. Four. An inside...
With the Dow rising and the media falling all over itself you'd think the real estate market had come back from the dead. (No pun intended this Easter week.) And I guess what I'm really wanting to say here is you can really shape the thinking of people (good or bad) when you "forget" to include ...
If there ever was a time to budget, that time is now. (Oh, you're saying, "What's a budget?") A budget is simply a plan. It's a plan on how to spend your money and keep from going broke. (Now you're saying, "Why didn't you tell me this earlier?") Everybody should have a budget. Families should h...
Your heart will break over this one. (Water actually reaches hill overlook at approx 4 min mark.) 3.5+ million views. (If you can't see this video, click here.)
The news of a murdered real estate agent in Iowa has shocked us all. It took place during an open house. Police are suspecting another agent may have been involved. (For continuing story, click here.) So what precautions do you take as a realtor® when showing a home? (Feel free to leave answers ...
So you're a blogger? (Or aspiring to be?) And you've got your blog site all set up on WordPress or Blogger or Tumblr or Posterous (maybe all four?). And you've been at it for about a week (or two or three?). And now you're hitting the proverbial "wall." (Hmm?) Now you're staring at a blank compu...
Tax day. Hearing those two words can send chills up some people’s spines. And there are just a whole lot of things to hate about Tax day (of course). But I was thinking, “There are some good things about Tax day, too.” So I came up with 10 things to love or hate about April 15th/Tax day. (It's b...
I've got the latest Mother Lode market numbers for you to look at today. To begin with, you'll notice the overall sales picture including all sales classes. CLICK HERE to view March 2011 compared to March 2010. CLICK HERE to view January-March 2011 compared to January-March 2010. You'll also wan...

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