getting a loan: Financing Alternatives for Your Home - 06/15/12 04:26 AM
Financing For Your Home

When thinking of purchasing a home what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Generally speaking the answer to this question is usually, if not always, “Money”. While the housing market is on the rise and value of homes are increasing, now is the perfect time to buy! However, many people see the question of money not as a bump in the road, but as a huge roadblock. Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that hard if you take it one step at a time. I’m talking about getting pre approved … (0 comments)

getting a loan: Getting a Conventional Loan: Why it's become so difficult! - 05/15/12 08:40 AM
Why Getting a Conventional Loan is so Hard! 

After the housing market crashed in 2007 all of us in the industry have been anxiously waiting for the market to “hit bottom” so we can start to rebuild. I believe we did just this several months ago and now we are seeing a turn in the market. When prices and values were on the down-slope, it was unquestionably a buyer’s market; Interest rates were lower than we had seen them in forty years, prices were agreeable and economists had high hope that the market would experience an upturn which would immediately … (3 comments)

getting a loan: Banks' New Plan for Relief: The Details They've Released - 04/17/12 07:32 AM
Banks' New Plan for Relief
The Details They've Released

Hopefully by now all of you are updated on the Obama’s newest bailout plan for homeowners underwater because of their bank loan. Some home owners have also been put into an interesting position because of the consistently dropping home prices. This could be the right time to refinance!
I read an article this morning in CNN Money and it shed some light on the subject. The article is titled “Underwater owners get promise of help” and was written by Ryan Derousseau.

These banks have decided to help those home owners … (2 comments)

getting a loan: Real Estate Tools: My Favorite Calculator! - 04/10/12 07:45 AM
The Mortgage Calculator
My Favorite Tool to Suggest to Clients..

With all the changes happening in the market it’s no wonder that many are hesitant to buy. However all the evidence is pointing to Buy! Prices will never be lower, interest rates will never be more affordable and the competition is mounting, making the time to buy your home - now. I can even prove it to you.. the link below will lead you to a site with a number of different calculators. Some calculators will show you what your monthly payment on a certain kind of loan is while … (0 comments)

getting a loan: What's on the Scoreboard for the Housing Market? Newest Update! - 04/10/12 07:19 AM
What's On the Scoreboard for the Housing Market?
Newest Update

All of us in the Real Estate/Mortgage Business have been anxious to see if this will be the year things will start looking up. Recently there has been great news left and right – prices are down, interest rates are down, competition is up and we’ve all been crossing our fingers that the good news will continue. Well, take a deep breath folks, here is the March housing scorecard from the Obama Administration. This blog is based on an article from the Niche Report which you can find a link … (0 comments)

getting a loan: Good Facts to Know About the FHA Loan - 04/05/12 07:10 AM
"Good-to-Know"  Facts About the FHA Loan

Spring is here and the market is soaring upward. Prices are affordable, interest rates are rock bottom and competition for real estate is high. However, many buyer’s main concern is getting a loan. Banks and other lending institutions are not making it easy on those with bad credit or a past foreclosure or short sale. So as a remedy to some of your loan woes here are some great tips to keep in mind for FHA loans. I got these tips from a product series at Princeton Capital, another residential mortgage lender. These are … (2 comments)

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