market update: Market Analysis from the Professionals - 06/14/12 08:17 AM

These are some good market updates from professionals in the respective industries:
“If activity is sustained near present levels, existing-home sales will see their best performance in five years. Based on all the factors in the current market, that’s what we’re expecting with sales rising seven to ten percent in 2012” ~ Lawrence Yun (NAR Chief Economist)
“Stabilizing in the U.S. housing fundamentals is creating an attractive investment opportunity. Many of the ingredients are in place for continued improvement in housing” ~ Goldman Sachs Group
“Hard Money loans are increasing in popularity due to their being reasonable … (1 comments)

market update: Sonoma County Statistics Update: Recovering strong! - 06/08/12 07:21 AM
Sonoma County Statistics Update
See how this local area is doing

All of you out there in Sonoma County who are still doubtful that the market is in fact ‘in recovery’, take a look at these statistics! I refer to Trulia quite frequently to give me accurate updates on the market trends through statistics. Numbers and data is what I’m looking for and Trulia delivers a great report. Take a look at what the stats say about the market local to Northern California:

“The median sales price for homes in Santa Rosa, CA for Mar 12 to May 12 … (0 comments)

market update: Market Update for April 2012 - 05/29/12 06:55 AM
Market Update for April 2012
We're Keeping Steady

Okay folks, here is another market update! As I’m sure many of you do, I like to look at the stats at the end of every month to see how home sales have changed and look for trends in the market. So here we are at the end of May 2012 and it’s time to check in with the market. Here are some statistics that are pertinent to look at (from  
“Sales rose by 3.4 percent, bringing the total amount of existing-home sales to 4.62 million.”
“Regional prices varied, … (0 comments)

market update: Market Updates from Trulia; what the stats say - 05/24/12 07:01 AM
Market Updates from Trulia: What the stats say

I like catching up on where our market is at on Trulia’s website. They’re Chief Economist, Jed Kolko, is a good resource for where the market is going and why. Today’s article was particularly enlightening as it was the “Housing Barometer Charts”. I felt that many details in his report are applicable to many people in the industry of Real Estate.
Within this report Trulia summarizes the three key housing market indicators: 1. New Construction starts 2. Existing Home Sales and 3. Delinquency plus Foreclosure Rate. For each category of these indicators, Trulia compares the … (3 comments)

market update: Latest and Greatest in Real Estate - 05/22/12 07:27 AM
Latest and Greatest in Real Estate

I was perusing the latest and greatest in the Real Estate world this morning and I discovered a very recent update on how the market is doing on average. There were some great facts in this article and video such as home sale rates, price averages, distressed home averages and more. Check out the link below for the full details.
Here are some of the great facts within:  
“Median Existing-home price for all housing types was $163,800 in March, up 2.5% from March 2011.”
“Investors purchased 21% of homes in March… and … (2 comments)

market update: New Lender's Viewpoint From Our Broker: "Home Prices, Sales Jump" - 05/17/12 07:29 AM
Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, our Broker and Co-Owner Forest, the Guy in the White Hat, likes to get in touch with all of you out there in the housing business for a lender's viewpoint article. Here's the lastest and greatest from Forest, Enjoy! 

By: The Guy In The White Hat, Broker Forest Tardibuono
“Home prices, sales jump”

          This is today’s front-page headline from my local newspaper.  It must really be good news as they usually are such gloom and doom about real estate – in spite of the facts within their … (0 comments)

market update: The Market is Picking Up: The Raw Statistics - 05/15/12 08:18 AM
The Market is Picking Up
The Raw Statistics

My peers and I in the real estate industry have been saying for months that “now IS the time to buy!” before the market picks up this year, which we were sure it would. Well folks, here it is! We have the statistics, we have the hard evidence: the market is no longer in the slump we’ve been in since 2007!  Here in this blog are some of the raw statistics on why we think this is and why NOW, more than ever, is the time to buy before time runs … (0 comments)

market update: Our Changing Market: Four Tips to Help Seal the Deal - 04/12/12 05:59 AM
Our Changing Market
Four Tips to Help Seal the Deal

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times – we are living in a time of change and boy is the market changing! Just when you think you know the market something changes on a micro level throwing off everything you thought you knew. So how do we keep up with the times and win listings? I was perusing some articles searching for this very answer when a blog from trulia caught my attention. It’s called “4 Local Statistics That Will Help You Win the Listing”. At … (0 comments)

market update: Housing Market Heating Up: Five Contributing Factors - 03/29/12 08:40 AM
Housing Market Heating Up
This Spring Could be the Best Season!

There has been talk cropping up in the media about the housing market picking up speed.  It looks like this Spring could be the best home buying season in years. This article by Morgan Brennan in Forbes magazine tells all.  
There are several reasons why this Spring is looking to be so good for thehousing market, one of which being the “elevated level of contract offers so far this year”. While February experienced a quick decrease in home sales the numbers are still higher than they were this time last … (0 comments)

market update: Employment and Housing Market in the Bay Area on the Up! - 03/27/12 08:00 AM
Employment and Housing Market in the Bay Area on the Up!
What it says about the market of the future 

While I’m always on the look-out for news about today’s market conditions, I’m specifically interested in areas surrounding Sonoma County where I certify “affordable, turn-key, move-in-ready” homes for sale.
This morning’s discovery was the best news I’ve heard all month! The article from Forbes is titled “Bay Area Employment Reaches 3-Year High; Home Prices Soar” by Eric Savitz. The title should give you a pretty good indication as to why I am feeling a bit more hopeful about today’s market and … (2 comments)

market update: Foreclosures Fall 8% During Last Month Alone! What this means for the market - 03/16/12 04:08 AM
Foreclosures Fall 8%, New Wave Expected
How it will affect the market

One of the plagues of today’s market continues to be foreclosures. It’s a word that makes many home owners shudder and a feeling of malcontent while to others it’s a “blessing” for they can possibly afford to buy this home for their family. I read an article this morning in Realty Mag with some [encouraging ] news about foreclosures and their percentages falling. First, however, we need to understand why foreclosures are more likely than not worse for the economy than not.
It doesn’t just affect … (5 comments)

market update: Homebuying is Accelerating: Where does that leave me as a Listing Agent and you as a buyer? - 03/15/12 07:43 AM
Homebuying is Accelerating Where does that leave me as a Listing Agent and you as a buyer?

The Real Estate market is continuously evolving every day into something new. New market statistics, new deals signed, new percentages of short sales, foreclosure and a change in the median home prices across the board are constantly changing. So where can we expect this tumultuous market to go? Essentially we can’t ever fully predict this, however we can use the information at hand and make the best marketing angles and business steps in the right direction. In the Press Democrat yesterday … (2 comments)

market update: Press Democrat Gives Us an Update on the Market - 02/16/12 09:56 AM
2012 Has Been Good So Far! 
A Hopeful Message From the Press Democrat

As a part of my morning ritual I always peruse the Press Democrat for good news about the market. And this morning it yielded several gems about Real Estate specifically in Sonoma County and California in general. According to two separate articles home sales in Sonoma County got off to an “uncharacteristically strong start in January” with a huge increase in both completed sales and in signed contracts. This is tied into the second article all about foreclosure activity in January.
Okay, so here are the statistics from … (2 comments)

market update: We Are Becoming a Market in Recovery. - 01/27/12 07:21 AM
At the close of 2011 completed sales were 1.7% higher in comparison to 2010. “The pattern of home sales in recent months demonstrates a market in recovery,” asserted Lawrence Yun, chief economist for NAR. It’s encouraging to hear these statistics.  Take a look at this article and see the good news for yourself. 

market update: 39% Jump in Sales! - 01/19/12 07:11 AM
Read pretty good article in the Press Democrat about Sonoma County’s housing market; Some good “artillery” to provide your Buyers:  
4,637 single-family homes were purchased, a 7% jump over 2010.  Sales jumped 39% for homes priced less than $300K .  2011’s fourth quarter ended relatively strong with 1,214 homes sales, up 20% from 2010. It was the best end-of-year result since 2008!

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