hard money: Great article about investing in real estate - 11/14/11 07:02 AM
Here’s a decent article about how investing in real estate market now is beneficial and safer: http://www.foreclosureuniversity.com/studycenter/freereports/hard_money_lenders.php . I’m looking for Private Investors who want to offer loans based on real estate equity. I have many loans and want to keep helping more Borrowers – so please contact me if you are interested in investing in Northern CA - http://www.sunpacmortgage.com/home

hard money: Investors Are Buying An Ever Increasing Number Of Homes - 10/10/11 09:05 AM
By Forest Tardibuono, Guy In The White Hat
See why it IS the time to buy a home!
I feel like it is my calling to promote home ownership in America. You might think I have an inherent conflict of interest as I currently own a mortgage and real estate company and have been in the business for more than 23 years doing just that. And that is absolutely true. Unless someone in my vicinity is buying, selling or financing a home, I don’t make a living.
So when faced with the above conflict, don’t … (2 comments)

hard money: Open House Extravaganza this Sunday Oct. 9, 1-4PM - 10/07/11 05:41 AM

hard money: It Pays To Own A Home - 10/03/11 10:11 AM
By Broker, Forest Tardibuono
I tout the big three reasons to buy a home: #1. Pride of ownership appreciation; #2. Tax benefits and #3. Appreciation. There is a 4th though that may well trump them all.
I have had the pleasure to work with many, many private money investors for more than 20 years. These are men and women who have made their fortunes in a variety of ways and lend those funds to borrowers who have equity in a property and an ability to repay the loan.
Many of them have told me that … (3 comments)

hard money: U.S. Housing Market at a Historic Turning Point - 09/28/11 08:01 AM
By Broker, Forest Tardibuono
Nearly two-thirds of economists and real estate experts recently polled say the U.S. housing market is at a historic turning point. This is according to MacroMarkets LLC’s June Home Price Expectations Survey published in June 2011.
In this same article was published a chart that showed a “double-dip” in the price of housing in the U.S. The graph went sharply up until 2005 then dipped down, then rose again and then dipped again – double dip.
That in itself is great news because it confirms the expert opinions indicated … (2 comments)

hard money: This Loan Will Get You A Buyer - 09/26/11 06:02 AM
LENDER’S VIEWPOINTBy Forest Tardibuono, Guy In The White Hat
“Hard Money” Loans
There was a really good article in the Wall Street Journal last week about Hard Money loans.  It was informational to borrowers and investors alike.  It spoke of the fact that Hard Money loans will account for 1% of the 5.5 million home loans originated this year, up sharply from prior years. 
It mentioned “Hard Money” filling an important void.  Look at just a few instances. 
1.    You just did a short sale on your home and want to buy … (0 comments)

hard money: Statistics, Statistics, Statistics - 09/23/11 09:01 AM
LENDER’S VIEWPOINT By Forest Tardibuono
I debated in high school and then went to Arizona State University on a tuition scholarship for debate. Not too long into my college debate team tenure, I discovered concurrently, the girls dormitory housing 1,500 suntanned beauties, 7 oz. beers 6 for a buck, and the pool life around Lemon Grove Terrace – among other things. So much for the debate team.
But from all those years of competition one thing did become clear and that was that statistics require scrutiny. They also need to be compared to other statistics to have … (2 comments)

hard money: Good News About Hard Money Loans & Homes - 09/21/11 12:16 PM

This ancient adage simply means that the facts of a matter point to one conclusion.  Since I write articles about lending and real estate, I’ll give you the facts and let’s see if “all roads lead to Rome”, that is, we conclude the same thing.
Interest rates on 30 year and 15 year fixed rate mortgages are at historic lows.
Mortgage interest deduction is still intact.
Property values are at or near the bottom of the market in many areas.
Owning a home is as cheap as renting in many areas of the country.
There are … (0 comments)

hard money: Consumer Confidence: Courage and Happiness - 09/21/11 07:09 AM
Consumer Confidence: Courage and Happiness By Forest Tardibuono
Who would have thunk that as a real estate and mortgage Broker, I would ever need to and actually have to write about courage, happiness and the like.
Lack of consumer confidence is all over the various media. It has been stated by numerous sources that it stems from uncertainty about the future. Uncertainty about gas prices, food prices, home prices, the financial markets, health care costs, taxes, unemployment, blah, blah, blah.
Aren’t you sick of it? Well you should be. And you should be especially if it has stopped you … (1 comments)

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