contractor: Inspect your own roof - 02/08/09 01:42 PM
Inspecting your own roof is fairly simple. Stand back far enough in your yard to see your roof. Depending on the pitch of the roof you may need to stand across the street or in your neighbors yard. You may also need a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at your shingles.
The shingles on your roof should be sitting nice and flat with no bubbles, raised areas, curling shingles or missing shingle tabs. Also look at all of your flashing and vents to make sure it is all sitting flat with no exposed or rusting nails. If your … (0 comments)

contractor: Aluminum/vinyl trim wrap - Advantages and disadvantages - 02/08/09 10:57 AM
                         Aluminum/vinyl trim wrap - advantages and disadvantages
  Aluminum / vinyl trim wrap is another great way to make the exterior of your house maintenance- free. There are three basic types of trim wrap- aluminum with a baked-on finish, aluminum with a vinyl (PVC) covering and a pure vinyl. The pure vinyl trim wrap comes pre-moulded so it's not applicable in all situations and is rarely used by contractors and trim mechanics. The other two types can be bent to any shape so they are very versatile. Out of the three types, the vinyl covered aluminum is my … (2 comments)

contractor: Siding types, advantages and disadvantages - 02/08/09 01:42 AM
                                                        Siding types, advantages and disadvantages.
There are several types of siding you can choose for your house including but not limited to wood, vinyl, masonite and cement board.
 Wood siding was the main choice for many years simply because it was the only choice. Before all the new material began to emerge most homes were sided in either a clapboard or shingle type siding. Wood siding is made of all different types of wood with cedar being the longest lasting (within a reasonable price range anyway). But even cedar eventually has to be painted if you want it … (0 comments)


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