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         As we go into the spring season, Instead of reflecting on it I would like to leave this past winter waaayyy behind!                                         The housing market is now taking off and I want to go with it.  I have been quite busy lately and haven't really had the time to wor...
Did you know that this holiday started as an irish-catholic feast in honor of the patron Saint Patrick.  St. Patrick supposedly brought cristianity to Ireland and used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the pagans.  It is believed that Saint Patrick passed away on March 17th and thus the...
With the re-blogging feature disconnected at this time, I hope it is ok to cut and paste.  Kudos to Christine & Jennifer for this blog.  I cannot agree more with them.  There are many sellers out there that do think that short sale is a get out of mortgage free card!  NOT!   Thanks for the info!...
Well, Spring is around the corner and we are about to spring forward with our time.  Come On Spring!! I welcome you with open arms.  Business has picked up and I hope it keeps on going.  I just love to get out on a pretty day and show many homes and spend time with the new friends and old as they...
  It's a Small World After AllGlobalization's Impact on Home Loan Rates   Today we live in a global economy, an interconnected world where goods and capital move freely at lightning speed across countries. The widely accepted view is that globalization not only benefits all countries across the ...

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