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This blog explains why many short sales will end up in foreclosures: Our government will reward banks for their losses... Is The FDIC Killing Indymac OneWest Bank Short Sales? As some of you may already know, I specialize in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure through the use of short sales.  R...
I was recently representing a buyer for a condo and submitted an offer to this Re/Max top agent in my area. His website says he has been in business for 21 years... He indicated that he was not willing to do the counters back and forth in writing and that once the parties reached a verbal agreeme...
I have a short sale that has been in negotiations for almost a year. As we get close to the approval with the second lender (line of credit), the attorney negotiating the short sale has the title work pulled and realizes that actually the owner had refinanced the 1st mortgage on the property in 2...
I received a call yesterday from a prospect who wanted to list his condo for sale. After asking all my questions I proceeded to do the research but could not find a trace of his transaction in the MLS. I called him back to find out how he bought it in 2006. He proceeded to explain that him and hi...
I hear a lot of agents complain about getting their deals blown up by low appraisals oftentimes performed by non-local appraisers assigned by the"independent" companies that were setup as a buffer by the Federal Gov. Banks/lenders/mortgage brokers are no longer allowed to order appraisals directl...

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