bar: Speechless Sundays - The Beach Shack, Bikes, Volleyball and Surfing with no Tar Balls! - 06/13/10 05:28 AM
The Beach Shack in Cocoa Beach has been a favorite blues bar for decades. It's a friendly place to enjoy good music and cold beer on a Saturday afternoon right on the beach. Coconuts, another fine establishment, is right across the street.

Cocoa Beach Pier Volleyball Class. There's always something to see and do at the beach.

Riding the waves in Cape Canaveral (with no tar balls!). The oil slick in the Gulf is unlikely to have a major impact in Brevard County according to the latest current flow data. Come on down and enjoy the beach!!

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bar: Thankful Thursdays - A Vision of Thanks. "Happy Hour" - 07/11/09 06:32 AM
Many of us enjoy a beer or two at the local tiki bar while listening to good music with friends. It's a great way to unwind and have a little fun as long as you know your limits. A big thank you goes out to all the alert servers and staff who recognize when a patron is seeing Sidesurf Donnie instead of Surfside Johnny.
When the happy hour band starts to look like this, be thankful when the bar tender stuffs you into a cab that takes you home. This photo may be funny but being charged with vehicular homicide is … (12 comments)

bar: Up the Down Staircase & Mirror Pier - 03/04/09 12:41 PM
Here I go manipulating photos again! I just can't resist the urge to transform a mere photo into a conversation piece. I've dubbed the first photo "Up the Down Staircase". I took the original on a Cruise to the Bahamas with my wife aboard the Monarch of the Seas. I thought the "LOVE" circle was appropriate for the Love Boat!

I call this photo of the Cocoa Beach Pier "Mirror Pier". Instead of one Tiki Bar, there are now four, which may be the way departing fishermen view it at the end of the day :-)

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