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Remember that the apple that falls to the ground is easy to reach but often defective (worms or bruised at least) and that while they still slice up for a very nice pie, sometimes you've got to put in a bit of extra effort and climb the tree.
On Long Lake Easter Resurection is Followed by Fishing Season (edit/delete) I've got to comment that this year when valentine's day arrived I was prepped with card in hand. A first for my wonderful husband. He's such a good guy. I'm always buried in my real estate work either on a property search...
Whether you're considering purchasing your first home in the next few months or you'e never given it two thoughts, you will find this presentation both interesting and valuable. There's an offer for you at the end. Please enjoy.Some simple directions: Just below the presentation you will see a Ga...
www.SudsGroup.comWe designed our business to help our local community.Dave and I  are committed to offering the guidance needed so that consumers who are behind on payments can be pro-active. That means "PULLING YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND".Foreclosure happens when homeowners don't know the correct...
It would tickle me pink.... Where did that line come from anyway?It would tickle me pink to find a buyer for a couple of my own listings. While I don't do dual agency, I'd be happy as a clam "what makes a clam happy?" to pass the client to an associate to write.I have two vacant listings that are...
  A   Realtor and His Client"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." Andy Rooney As gas prices increase... this savvy agent switched to a rechargeable transportation alternative as a low cost means of taking clients on tour.   Take a couple min...
Gotta Wonder. Now here we are at Open House and the main topic of discussion is the difference between a tri-level a split level and "just for comedic impact a NO LEVEL". We can ignore the last one and focus on the first two.Tri-level, per my associate is a home with an entry on a main level livi...
Here I am at another Saturday. Too soon in life I realized that time was all I had and I'd better use it well. I'm alone at the Keller Williams office in West Olympia WA with the doors locked and a sticky note that says. "Call me and I'll let you in". We do need to consider safety. As soon as the...
I am blessed. As an owner/broker/agent of Keller Williams Realty in Olympia Washington the security and safety of my family future is secure. After relocating to my family home on Long Lake I partnered with a team of talented individuals to build a real estate franchise dedicated to helping agent...
In my typical last minute fashion a trip to the card section of the grocery store was part of my February 14th schedule. You have to appreciate a personality like mine that has to pick the EXACT RIGHT VERSE. Because of that I am forced to read each and every card in the appropriate section. This ...
Long Lake is located about 5.5 miles from Olympia. As a homeowner on this beautiful waterfront community I enjoy the value of this amazing recreational community. Long Lake is one of 45 named lakes in Thurston County. Homeowners here take a strong management stand toward preserving this natural r...

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