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So Thursday after our caravan, I received a message that we were having a mandatory meeting at the office at 2pm.  I didn't really think anything about it, but was sort of surprised it was so last minute.  I started to get a bad feeling when the President of our company was present and we were al...
So maybe you didn't catch my comments from my previous blog on my dire situation with ASC, but there was more drama before it was over.  Here's the scoop. My 78 year old client had at some point told a telemarketer that he was doing a "reverse mortgage" when we were doing a short sale.  Now I fin...
Ah!  The joy of the short sale!  Particularly when representing a buyer!!  I was very happy that the listing agent was a very nice lady who impressed me the first time I called.  It was a Monday evening around 650pm and she picked up the phone!!  Was it possible to see her listing at the late, an...
Sending out an SOS to all my fellow AR'ers who have worked with ASC/Wells Fargo.  I've been faxing my work out package in since June 6 and again and again receiving my fax confirmations each time.  I have come in late at night to send the fax in so that if my fax was being kicked out during the d...
Have you hear of either of these organizations?  Better yet, have you received work or referrals from either of these networks?  REONetwork is associated with Clear Capital which a lot of us are associated. I believe I got my first CW REO from my free posting on REONetwork.  Granted, it is an are...
All I have to say at this point is that I am amazed at how behind the real time a lot of real estate agents are and how much more advanced other agents are.  There is a training group in my office starting the Mike Ferry system.  That is so three years ago.  If you are not on the web, blogging an...
I've had a lovely REO property listed for going on more than 60 days in Rainbow Heights also known as Fallbrook, CA.  It is a great little property with a lot of character and 2.5 acres.  You can read some another one of my blogs to get more info on some of the initial work I did on the property ...
Is it any wonder that many of these great bank owned properties have multiple offers on a Monday morning?  A majority of the buyers who are out there are weekend shoppers.  They are looking at homes when it is convenient for them.  It makes sense in a practical way for many people, but have you e...

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