installing a district of columbia residential ev charger: Installing A Personal EV Charger In DC - 06/18/23 11:20 AM
INSTALLING A PERSONAL EV CHARGING STATION IN WASHINGTON DC Having a home EV charging station can make charging your vehicle more convenient, efficient, and safe. Here's how District of Columbia residents can streamline the process for installation of an EV charging station on private property. 
There are four basic steps:
1. Determine the type of charging station you need;
2. Determine whether or not a Level 2 charger is possible for your Washington DC property (based on the type of parking you currently have & your electrical capacity);
3. Determine whether or not historic preservation requirements will need to be considered;

Susan Isaacs | DC Real Estate Consultant, Partnering with: DOMOofCompass (Compass | 1313 14th St NW DC 20005)

Susan Isaacs | DC Real Estate Consultant

Partnering with: DOMOofCompass

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