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Michael S. Bolton in an appraiser in Zimmerman, MN. I will admit that the first thought that came to mind is Michaels name sake and singer Michael Bolton, THAT actually got me to click on his blog.(good for you ;-) Appraisers, do not have an easy least not here in Colorado. Recently, Mar...
Believe it or not, I had a tough time finding newbies to introduce to you for my 2012 BIG Jumpstart Blog Challenge. After looking around, I remembered that Linda Holloway left a comment on one of my BIG Blog posts recently. I 'threatened' her already then, with introducing her as MY newbie. Linda...
A little late in the game, I accepted the 2012 BIG Jumpstart Back to Basics Blog Challenge, Lynn was so encouraging- how could I refuse? My plan of attack is to write/blog every day the required topics. Weltanschauung part 1? Check. Community rules Part 1? Check. Today ActiveRain University! My f...
I am participating in the BIG Jumpstart Back to Basics Blog Challenge . There is a long list of 'assignments' to be completed in order to receive the 3000 bonus points. Yesterday, I talked about AR's  Weltanschauung and today I took a look at AR's Community Guidelines. Actually, I had never looke...
First of all let me say that the word Weltanschauung is German and being German it looks funny when I see it in a text other than German - and usually it's sounds funny as well when others pronounce it. If you ever wondered click here. I am pretty late in the game for the 2012 BIG Jumpstart Back ...
Photo: Marc Roberts I was impressed when I was invited by my Title company to learn more about title issues. After all, problems with title are not fun and can be difficult. It's even better when you have a professional in your corner that is committed to YOUR education and your transactions. I ...
Here are a few facts to wrap your head around. According to, a 140-pound person burns per hour: 222 calories packing and unpacking boxes; 381 calories moving furniture; 191 calories moving household items; and 572 calories moving boxes/furniture up stairs. How ’bout that?...
Blog content, another idea: Take a current event and express your thoughts. This could be in shape of your opinion (whether you agree or disagree) or you could write about HOW to use this event to stay in touch with your clients and or prospects. Remember it takes 8 communication 'touches' to kee...
The community guidelines state: Respect the public that this community serves and derives its living from. In this post I display my respect to the community by simply sharing my experience with a buyer that recommended me and how I feel about it. Letting other people know how you feel, what you ...
It's January and what a great time to pretty much start anything? In August 2010 I began taking my waterbottle everywhere I went. I had this glorious idea to take a picture of my bottle in different places once a day as often as I could. This is very much like a Flat-Stanley project, where -usual...


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