cost: Some US-Economic Facts - chew on this. - 02/07/14 11:19 PM
Did you know? LESS THAN INFLATION – Average hourly earnings of American workers have increased +1.9% per year for the last five years (i.e. 12/31/2008 to 12/31/2013), rising from $22.01 hour Two $24.17 per hour. Since the end of 2008, inflation has advanced by +2.1% per year. (source: Department of Labor).
BIG NUMBER – healthcare spending in the USA for 2012 was $2.79 trillion, making it 18.0% of our $15.54 trillion economy from December 31, 2012 (source: Commerce Department, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).
PLEASE SIGN UP – the White House estimated that 2.7 million young people between the … (0 comments)

cost: Get a Tax Deduction For Your Wildfire Mitigation Efforts - 08/23/12 02:30 AM
Until recently not many Colorado Springs citizens believed that they will  EVER be affected by a wildfire in the city. This year, we were all proven wrong by the Waldos Canyon Wildfire at the end of June. Citizens all over Colorado Springs for example know now how  to create defensible spaces around their homes and lots of them do it!
Wildfire mitigatin can be costly and because you are helping to keep yourself and your neighbors safe, the Colorado Department of Revenue will give you a little tax deduction to help offset your expenses that you might incur in doing so.

cost: Living: Renting vs. buying - 02/12/12 10:13 AM
Are you wrestling with the almost Shakespearean question: To rent or not to rent? ...well, or "To Buy or not to Buy"?
There are a lot of things that factor into your decision i.e. how long will you be staying in your home? Statistics show that if you stay at least 4 years then buying a home will make more financial sense.
Renting means more flexibility -you move in and move out when you want -provided that you have structured your lease in such a way that will allow for this. You have less upkeep in and around your home - … (4 comments)

cost: How much does commuting to work really cost you? - 12/15/11 02:17 AM
Do you ever wish you lived closer to work? Some of the happiest people I know have the shortest commutes. Traffic stress, the cost of gasoline, and the hours wasted on the road take their toll. Every day there is an avalanche of cars driving to or from work. Commuting is a part of life. In these days where job pickin's are getting slimmer commuting has become even more common.
If you've ever thought about moving closer to an area that offers more employment in general but then thought you couldn't afford it, think again, this might just send you … (5 comments)

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