moving: House Hunting Apps That Put The Power In Home Buyers Hands - 06/25/14 03:18 AM
I love looking at homes – particularly when there are unusual features in the home. Recently, I had a buyer who loved one particular home but there was a long and narrow hallway. The buyer was not sure if his favorite antique hutch would fit through it. Instead of having to come back with a measuring tape, I let him use my  app “Photo Measures”. Problem solved. We walked through the rest of the house, where he measured a few more items, simply because we could.
This was just one of the experiences that let me think about apps that … (0 comments)

moving: Top 10 PCSing Pinterest Pins - 10/17/13 07:01 AM
Top 10 PCSing Pinterest Pins  
Most Popular PCSing Pinterest Pins (July 2013) Pinterest has grown to be like a big library of collected blogposts and inspirations. Is it a surprise that a lot of military family members pin PCSing tips and information onto their boards. The wealth of information that is available (and not officially military generated) is quite impressive.
It's not time for you to think of moving yet? Pin this on your boards anyway! Your next move will come for sure!
Find more PCSing pins on my board and follow me.
Here are the top repinned pins:


moving: Moving Survival Tips – Part 1 (free printable checklist) - 02/03/13 01:41 AM
Are you ready to move to Colorado Springs or are you on your way out? Either way, if you are preparing for a moving company to “pack you out” then here is my personal collection of “Moving Survival Tips” Part 1. To download this list as a free printable moving checklist,scroll down and click:
Thaw your freezer a few days before packers are coming Prepare a “Open me first box” for each room. In each room pile items that you will need for this particular room. In kids’ room that’s probably linens, blankets, pillows and such. In the bathroom it’s … (2 comments)

moving: Finding A New School For Your Student – Before You Arrive - 01/27/13 12:47 PM
How do you find a new school for your student and what can you do before you arrive at your new location?
If you are moving and you have arrived at the point on researching schools, then most likely all relocation preparations are in full swing. “Good schools” usually means something different for every parent. For most test scores are at the top of parents’ wishlist for a school, other factors such emphasis on certain programs are usually equally important: Art, Math, Science etc. How do you know? Find a school that matches your requirements and value by asking questions:

moving: 10 Things People Forget When They Move - 08/26/12 03:42 AM
Photo by Chuck Schneider
You are ready to move: You might be coming to Colorado Springsor maybe you are moving within the city limits. All seems done, all seems prepared. Here is a list of things that folks tend to leave behind or forget to do when they move:
Often forgotten: It's obvious that Fido can't go into the moving truck. Smaller pets are easily forgotten. Hamsters, fish, reptiles. Make sure those little pets have a place in your car or a new home before you move. While you are at it, pick up your pets records at your current veterinarian. … (5 comments)

moving: Move Alone - Move With Caution - 03/15/12 12:12 AM
Moving your family is always a huge undertaking and doing it all by yourself seems even more daunting. While I don't want to seem overly protective, moving and traveling alone bears certain safety challenges for your family. Protect yourself with these precautions:
Before You Are Packed:
Tell only friends your exact moving days. Consider having the post office hold all mail during your move, or have deliveries sent to a forwarding address. If you already have a home lined up for your family, avoid having packages or mail sent to the new address until you have actually moved in. If … (7 comments)

moving: Poetic Sunday: When a teen has to move! - 02/26/12 12:24 AM
Moving is one of the top 10 stressors in a person's life. Did you know that? Well, everyone knows that moving is stressful PERIOD  .   It's tough and for a teen, it's even harder. As a teen you have developed your relationships, grown your social circle and identified with it, and now you have to leave it all behind?  A strong family bond certainly helps with this process. When we moved the last time in our 'military career' from Washington State, I asked my kids how they felt or what they wanted to do to make the process of leaving … (13 comments)

moving: Living: Renting vs. buying - 02/12/12 10:13 AM
Are you wrestling with the almost Shakespearean question: To rent or not to rent? ...well, or "To Buy or not to Buy"?
There are a lot of things that factor into your decision i.e. how long will you be staying in your home? Statistics show that if you stay at least 4 years then buying a home will make more financial sense.
Renting means more flexibility -you move in and move out when you want -provided that you have structured your lease in such a way that will allow for this. You have less upkeep in and around your home - … (4 comments)

moving: Moving Is A Workout - 01/24/12 05:41 AM

Here are a few facts to wrap your head around.
According to, a 140-pound person burns per hour:
222 calories packing and unpacking boxes; 381 calories moving furniture; 191 calories moving household items; and 572 calories moving boxes/furniture up stairs. How ’bout that? – Gives moving a new perspective.
(photo:D Sharon Pruitt)

moving: Plenty of School Options In Colorado - 01/15/12 11:10 AM

When a family is moving there seem to be just a couple most important questions when looking or a new place to live: "Is it safe place?" and "Are the schools good?". "Learning" new school systems can be confusing, however, it's inevitable. Since I have kids in school age, their education is and has always been front and center of my 'moving' research. To help you along, I would like to provide you with the following information that I have assembled just for YOU, the concerned parent!
A school choice is certainly something very personal, what is great for … (3 comments)

moving: Tips on Moving Your Electronics - 01/13/12 05:37 PM

To some our electronics are very precious. They contain our memories, our documents, they entertain us or help us stay in touch with our family and friends. All that aside, they are expensive and can be delicate. It's no wonder that moving your electronics and gadgets can become a special planning event.
When planning your relocation take these tips into consideration to keep your electronics safe and making set up in your new home less stressul.
It’s always….
...a good idea to back up all your files onto an external hard drive, which you can … (3 comments)

moving: Things I learned moving - 12/28/11 02:11 AM
See this picture? This is how I would picture the perfect move for me: Pick up house, move it, put it down. Someone needs to invent this.... We have moved 'only' 8 times in my husbands 21 year Army career, however there are still a few things that I learned or at least scratched my head over: I learned that even though we moved into a nearly same sized home, nothing fits! How come that even after 3 yard sales in our old location, I still have more stuff to get rid off? Why did I even pack it? You have … (6 comments)

moving: How much does commuting to work really cost you? - 12/15/11 02:17 AM
Do you ever wish you lived closer to work? Some of the happiest people I know have the shortest commutes. Traffic stress, the cost of gasoline, and the hours wasted on the road take their toll. Every day there is an avalanche of cars driving to or from work. Commuting is a part of life. In these days where job pickin's are getting slimmer commuting has become even more common.
If you've ever thought about moving closer to an area that offers more employment in general but then thought you couldn't afford it, think again, this might just send you … (5 comments)

moving: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes During a Military Move - 12/04/11 01:18 PM
Our family is in their final weeks of active duty service. It's a bit nerve wracking...but that's a different story for a different time. After 21 years of military service and plenty of moves, I have accumulated my own list of mistakes that I and other people make when we get our orders.
You will find that this post is peppered with military lingo and acronyms. I have noticed that it is very hard to lose this jargon that I have acquired over the years. Forgive me. A PCS means "Permanent Change of Station" and is the military way of … (4 comments)

moving: Moving in 47 seconds... - 11/23/11 02:45 AM
This is going to be a short blog entry as I still have to clean the house for guests that are coming tonight - anyone care to join? LOL
In the next few weeks or month I would like to share a little with you what the Haynie Clan is all about. This is a little glimpse.
Until the end of this year we are active duty military. Big changes lay ahead of us and lots of changes lay in the 21 years of service behind us. Moving is such a huge part of a military family, I thought a more … (3 comments)

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