family: Happy Fathers Day, Dad - I miss you and Mom! - 06/18/12 12:33 AM
Today is Fathers' Day -  one of those days, along with Mothers' Day, that makes me a bit melancholy.  Okay, maybe more than a bit.My Mom and Dad have both passed away.  I miss them both all the time, but on special days like their birthdays or days like this, I envy those folks who can still buy a special card for their parents, give them a big hug, and see them smile.I hear others sometimes complain that their mom wants them to call all the time or their dad doesn't agree with their political position so they just avoid their … (4 comments)

family: I'm so tired of this horrible year - hurry up 2012! - 12/26/11 11:41 AM
December 26:   Just when we thought we were getting rid of this awful 2011, during which we’ve lost family members and adored pets, and had other family crises, we just got hit again.
I haven’t gotten very much work done on my business today because Jon’s brother called to tell us that Jon’s 87 year old mom had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital and it appears that she had a stroke, and she seems to have some bleeding on the brain.
They have taken lots of tests and scans, and we have been camped by the phone … (6 comments)

family: Holiday Acceptance: Love is all you need - 12/14/08 01:35 PM
This year, in our house as well as in many homes across the country, money is tighter than usual and we are having to cut back on extravagant gifts.  My homeowners' insurance company sent out an inspector to check out my house before they would renew my policy for next year, and they have ordered us to get a new roof by June 30, 2009 (our cedar shake roof is secure, but old).  Since our house is a large ranch style home, that means a sizable expense.  And with the real estate market so slow and my husband's advertising business also … (5 comments)

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