economy: STD. What does sex have to do with it? - 09/21/09 06:31 AM
The Banking system has been infected with a deadly virus.  Their uncontrolled and un-checked greed has become the AIDS of our society, voraciously devouring and killing it's host as it spreads rapidly and without restraint, to every fiber of our world.
So here I go again.  I promised myself a few months back, that I would stop writing blogs about the abominable state of our financial system....that a more positive approach would be more welcome by those of us who attempt to create a brighter future through the power of a positive mental attitude.
I figured that my time would be best … (6 comments)

economy: Never dip into your own stash. - 02/22/09 02:53 PM
Most of us are old enough to remember the grotesque impact, that the classic "Scarface", starring Al Paccino, made on some of us when it first came out.
Aside from the graphic violence and an intimate peek into a drug dealer's world, the one thing I remember, was Paccino's advise to his own cronies NOT to "ever dip into your own stash".
I know, .... you are wondering where the heck am I going with all this.....what in the world do drugs have to do with banking and real estate?
Let's rewind our thoughts for a moment..... have you noticed lately, … (6 comments)


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