Fannie Mae wants to pay buyers agents a bonus to help them sell their homes, and pay the buyers to buy it!!! Their inventory is is their latest incentive. Fannie Mae is going to pay buyer's agents a $1,500.00 bonus on top of their normal 3% commission of the sales price when they ...
SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW WAY...or SOCIAL MEDIA TAKES HUMAN CONNECTION AWAY?? THAT IS THE REAL QUESTION!   PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER IT.   All I keep hearing now is "Social Media this....", "Social Media that...". "Tecnology this...", "Technology that..." Okay, great, but....where did the open houses ...
Well lets see, besides the obvious buyers, sellers, etc. I say... us AGENTS!!!!!! It gives us a tool to make our clients home search a little bit more flexible and fun, or to make our seller feel a little more confident that we can get their home sold even though its not in the greatest condition...

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