active rain: 20,000 Active Rain Members and growing! - 03/10/07 08:06 AM
 I suppose if it rained enough, the water might form a puddle, then a lake, then a sea!  Perhaps Jules (were he still around) might write a book titled "Twenty Thousand Members Under The Rain"!
Hard to believe that it was just 3 months ago, December 2006, when Active Rain passed the 10,000 member mark after launching in June. 
In half that time, another 10,000 members have joined the ranks, bringing the grand total to 20,000 members as of a few moments ago!
If this pace continues Active Rain will be at 40,000 members by the end of April!
It's a … (8 comments)

active rain: Photos for Localism - 12/30/06 02:10 AM
I know I will be one of many out there snapping away furiously this weekend amassing a huge collection of photos to upload to - urged on by the Rain Gods and their promise of a shower of points for the posting of photos.
It doesn't take a fortune to get a great digital camera - in fact - now is the perfect time to get one if you don't already have one!  End of year tax deduction.  Tool for real estate in general.  Point generator for Active Rain and higher placement in - what more could you ask for?!
We … (7 comments)

active rain: It takes a little effort - but it's worth it! - 12/30/06 01:54 AM
In an earlier post about points I encouraged all of you to focus on the activities that the Rain Gods encourage of us by awarding points.
Does it it take time and effort.  Sure - you might spend more time on Active Rain commenting or even writing a blog post, and less time browsing through the online catalog of your favorite designer store - but it's worth every penny you DON'T spend!
Let's see - an hour a day on Active Rain could save you $100 a day in online purchases.
That same hour a day could - over time - gain you enough … (50 comments)

active rain: Don't miss the POINTS! - 12/30/06 01:48 AM
OK - another shameless blog about points on Active Rain.  However - I can't stress enough - to all of you - that Active Rain has been a phenomenal success.  And if you agree with that, then you should have faith that the new consumer site - - is going to follow in the footsteps of success.
What does that mean for all of us?  It means that to rank highly in the consumer focused site, we have to rank highly on Active Rain.  That's how the Rain Gods are setting things up right now.  Could that change?  Sure!  But I … (8 comments)

active rain: Climbing the Ladder - 12/16/06 02:36 AM

Today will be the day I clamber past the 50,000 point mark.  I have crept on to Page one almost unnoticed and am swooping up on Tony as quickly as I can!  Tony and Jay have been focused on each other for the past few days in the leadership battle for Arizona - however - neither one of them is paying any attention (yet) to the threat looming behind them!
I think it's about time a woman took over the Arizona leadership position.  I'm going to do my best to be that Active Rainer!

active rain: Team Meetings and Active Rain - 12/13/06 01:41 AM
We had our final Team Meeting of 2006 yesterday.  Apart from the mundane tasks of everyone signing the cards to past clients - we had quite an assembly line going - think Lucy at the Chocolate Factory! - we wrapped up with a recap of 2006 and a look forward to 2007.
2006 was an interesting year for the team.  We had intentionally distilled the members down to the core group prior to making the move to Keller Williams in August, and are now in recruiting mode to build back up to previous levels.  We hope to add at least five more (Buyer … (10 comments)

active rain: The pioneers who lost their way - or momentum. - 12/09/06 06:03 PM
Currently Tony is at Number Eleven and I am at Number 29 in the scheme of things.  In researching those on the list above us, the majority has done zilch, sero, nada to maintain or improve their standing in Active Rain.  That begs the question - why not??!  Boredom?  Got in early and rested on wilting laurels?  We believe that Active Rain standings have benefit - so we are going after them wholeheartedly.
Any of those lazy early participants care to give their explanations for why something once so important to them no longer seems to be?

active rain: A slowing Blog market? - 12/09/06 02:10 AM
I have the perception that the number of Active Rain blog posts is down in the last few days.  Perhaps Matt could confirm or deny?  I would have thought that with the real estate activity slowing a little for the holidays, more people would have more time to post - but I'm getting the feeling that's not the case! 
So where are these folks with more time on their hands?  Attending Christmas Parties?  Family gatherings?  Winding down for the year?
Hellooooooo out there!  We need blog posts to comment on!  So perhaps it's time for some of the newbies (I still am … (10 comments)

active rain: High Tech Real Estate Practitioners - 10/13/06 03:26 AM
I think what I like most about Active Rain so far is the willingness of people to share their good and not so good experiences with various tech products and services on the market.  With so many to choose from, networking as a group with other like minded folks enables me to cut way down on the amount of time it would take me to do "due diligence" for each and every offering that comes across my desk.
I know there are forums here at AR (which I haven't checked into yet).  That goes on the list for the weekend!

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