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I am asked questions about this all the time from my St. Michael, Albertville and Hanover short sale clients.  And, I never tell them to stop making payments.  But, Bryant gives reasons whey you might want to consider doing just that.  For the financial safety of your family, read this.  And then...
Just a couple of years ago, I wrote this:   I remember in the way back days (anyone remember that phrase??) , I used to get ready for open houses by first placing an ad in the paper, putting together flyers, getting them out to the neighborhood, knocking on doors and preparing food to get buyers ...
When you think of St. Michael and Albertville Minnesota, you think of one city which it is quickly becoming,  They already share schools, and there is no to little indication of  when and where you are moving on the roads from one into the other except for a few road signs here and there.    Howe...
Yes, it happened again today.  And, it has happened several times in the past month.    “What do you think will happen to interest rates if (X) get elected?”    I don’t know.   I sell real estate.  I am not a financial expert, a mortgage lender or even a bank teller. (And, I frankly don’t think a...
Most of these posts are members only and for good reason.  But, they caught my eye this evening.  And, I wanted to share them with you.   If you click on the first one, a warning….you could have to log in again.     1,000 Free Active Rain Points!       Debbie’s posts are great and she has a part ...
Dick Greenberg has an abundance of excellent posts, but after this last week, this one really struck a nerve with me.  I work very hard to bring my clients a successful deal, but, every once in a while, there are the  "odd ducks" that make it even more interesting to navigate the deal....well, I ...
  I have gotten about six thank you notes in the last week from various Rainers.   That must be a new record. It was great to have the winners from the Anna Banana Go for the Gold winners thank me. But others have, too. And seemingly for small things that I have done.   It is quite satifying know...
Sandy Acevedo is a smart cookie.  And, this is information you should all share with your clients, friends and relatives.  I know that I would never allow someone to take a photo of my ID, but others might.   Thank Sandy for a great post which should have been featured in my humble opinion.Fender...
My Gmail account has been iffy for the last two days.  I thought maybe it was MY computer, but, NO.  It is Gmail.   Fancy that?   I checked the web and found a great site   This site will give you information about crashes on nearly any site.  Check it out.  Gmail is having some ...
This is terrific news for Elk River I certainly hope to be there.  I love the Yellow Ribbon program and what it means to our military and their families and friends.  Thank Don for his post, and remember to support our troops whether here or in some terrible war-torn area.  They need us, and we c...

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