When Petersburg VA real estate agent Mike May came to me for a custom Point2Agent site design, he was working on reactivating his real estate business after having spent several years focusing on his investment properties. Mike wanted his site design to encompass his use of "Amayzing" in various ...
A client has asked me if she should join the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, and I know nothing about it except that their web site makes my eyes hurt. What can you tell me about it?
This morning I learned from a real estate agent that Advanced Access people have been telling their customers not to switch to Point2 because Point2 sites can't be optimized for the search engines. Folks, don't believe this; it's total b.s.If in doubt Google the following keyphrases and look for ...
Last week I had an interesting conversation with a new client. He told me that he had originally planned to have another Point2 vendor design a custom Point2 Web site for him. His decision had been made primarily on the basis of cost: the other vendor's work is somewhat less expensive than mine. ...
As a Web site designer and Web marketing consultant, sometimes I feel as though my primary role is to nag, nag, nag and then nag some more. So I love to see that my clients are paying attention to and using my advice. Recently one of my nagging themes has been about blogging often. I've been enco...
One of my favorite soap boxes to hop up on has to do with the importance of adding original content to your Point2 site. It seems like at least once a day, I'm on the phone with or emailing someone to recommend adding lots of original content to his or her site. I often direct people to Barbara R...
All of you who are Point2 members are invited to join in on a coaching session  this Thursday. We're doing something new for Point2,  a roundtable style Q&A session that will include several of my clients who have great lead generating sites. My guest speakers will include: Barbara Reeves, Barbar...
Please help me welcome new AR member Densay Sengsoulavong. Densay is office manager and a marketing expert with Realty Direct Wilmington (NC). I've had the pleasure of working with Densay to create a custom-designed Point2 Web site for their new luxury homes division, Signature Homes Wilmington. ...
Congratulations to one of my very favorite clients, Phoenix, AZ agent Joe Janus, whose Point2 site at (or ) has been named Point2's site of the month for November.Joe's site features an interactive menu that allows searches by the buyer's preferred archi...
My husband Dave, besides being a very talented graphic designer who specializes in album cover design, has another business, SDPickups, making hand-wound vintage style guitar pickups. Recently Dave has has posted demos of a couple of his products on YouTube. The latest is a jump blues style demo ...

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