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I'm searching for agents who like to do international transactions. I'm looking forward to travel to meet with you and take time to know each other. We will have pleasure working together and have the confidence that we are going to take great care of each others clients. I want to discover your area and make you discover mine! Fun must be a part of any transaction, I have pleasure down real estate, hope you do too!!!
Beautiful Farm with 193 acres of land at less than 10 minutes of the village of Mont-Tremblant. The sandy Red-River has a long frontage on the land. 2,300,000$ Canadian very negotiable. ...........*** Gentleman's Farm ***............ The best location, 193 acres of beautiful waterfront land on t...
Update May 11th, 2009: Great, I loved the Apple experience, it took me 2 to 3 weeks to get used to the different way of using the computer. Your sure to see me changing in the near future, for all the software you don't have available for a Mac, you can still us you PC software anyway, you just ...
Good news for the area, we are getting a casino in Mont-Tremblant (Quebec, Canada). Looking forward to having some of you spending some time here... Skiing, Golfing, Fishing, Hunting or even GAMBLING. Not finished yet, but it will look good. Scheduled opening on the 24th June 2009. Flights direct...
As a canadian partner said so well, I can't do best. Go back to the basics and work like your were new in the business. Contrary to the uneducated and misguided beliefs of most media sources, the local real estate industry has NOT fallen into the depths of despair.  We certainly have seen an ero...
I was hesitating for so long about making a switch to a MacBook that I lost most of my file in the mean time! Darn PC, not the first time I have an issues, hope this will push me faster to make a move. I don't know about you but loosing all your pictures because your PC crashed is ridiculous, it'...
I'm very interested in anything from Apple, I'll keep you updated on interesting freebies and inexpensive software for the iPhone. The info will come from other sites, news papers and magazines. For now it will be experience from others since I don't have one yet. Take a look on the site, it may...
«Dear seller, we shoud have a Home Stager come and help us out.»                A HOME WHAT? I don't know about your area, but I work in an region that very few people herd about it. Even worse, we don't have a French translation that we can use that really defines home staging, we say it in Engl...
The first time I heard about escrow is on ActiveRain. I'm a chartered real estate agent from Quebec, here the «notary» does the part of a lawyer and of an escrow. Well what is a Notary anyway??? « someone legally empowered to witness signatures and c...
Wanted to talk about Walk-In's, I must say I made a great deal a few week (August 2008) ago with a Walk-In. I didn't take a brake for months, working nights and week-end like most of us. I had this feeling that I was going no were, unable to concentrate, took a day doing my ads!!! So on a quiet m...
I was responding to Huiting Zhuang blog about part time Realtors, what else do you do? and I then decided to speak about my past efforts and errors. So I decide to integrate my response on my blog. When asking about real estate before becoming a Realtor, the only honest answer I got from most bro...

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