financing: Investing in real estate (for cents on the dollar) - 02/21/10 06:32 AM
Believe it or not, there excellent deals that many consumers are not aware of because their financial status and networks have not afforded them privilege or access to such information.  However, when I discovered that I could buy 12 properties for the price of one, I had to find out how and now, I have access directly from the banks.  That means my clients are able to purchase real estate at bargain prices.  These properties go fast and they are not open to the public.
Here are the requirements:
1.  Have proof of funds;
2.  Close the deal within 15 days;

financing: How to buy bank-owned properties, Part I - 04/09/08 10:53 PM
This is a series of tips of buying bank-owned properties.  Please feel free to ask any questions.
1.  Decide if buying a bank-owned property is the right approach for you.  Do you want move-in condition, fixer or rehab?
2.  If you are working with a licensed real estate professional, make sure this person knows how to write offers that will be viewed favorably and will be a clean contract.  Despite how many times I've advised an agent on writing a winning offer, he would still do what he wants to do.  Some are actually offended that I try to help them.
I know some of … (3 comments)

financing: Choosing the best real estate agent and loan officer - 04/09/08 10:30 PM
As a real estate professional, I view every person in our industry as a professional until that person breaks that bond or that impression. 
Since before I was licensed, I've always run into people who don't treat their real estate business as a business.  For example, not returning my emails or phone calls is a huge pet peeve.  My time is valuable, just as my client's time or my prospect's time.
When it comes to working with retail loan reps, I find them repulsive (sorry, I do not mean to offend) for the lack of knowledge they have at working with difficult loan … (2 comments)

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