kaye swain roseville real estate agent: Sharing the Joys of Consistency - 03/28/17 05:00 PM
Brands can be important, can't they?
I don't know about you, but I take them seriously when it comes to my personal life. My favorite jeans are Lee and my favorite shoes are Nike. My shirts brands vary a bit more, but I definitely have 3 - 4 brands that are my go-to shirts to try on first, especially if I'm in a hurry. I know that, for the most part, I can trust them to be consistently comfortable, practical, and fit properly each time. Don't laugh. I once bought three pairs of jeans of another brand in my size. Took them … (4 comments)

kaye swain roseville real estate agent: Multigenerational Home Joys in Roseville CA - 03/28/17 04:43 PM
I've lived in several homes over the years. Each one holds sweet, special and unique memories for me.
But each one also shares something in common with all the rest. At every home I've lived in there have been great neighbors who became dear friends - many of whom I'm blessed to be in contact with to this day - some by phone, some by Facebook, all by sweet memories. Some have even gone home to heaven and I look forward to seeing them again someday. :) 
One special memory I have is tied to my only brand-new home. Located in Roseville CA, … (4 comments)

kaye swain roseville real estate agent: Roseville Spring Joys Including Easter, Flowers, Tax Day Delays - 03/28/17 04:21 PM
Hooray! It's SPRING!
One of my TWO favorite seasons of the year - the second being Autumn, which is probably my favorite. Those gorgeous leaves and the cool crisp air are a delight. My grandkids and I thrill to the Autumn Ballet of leaves dancing everywhere. Then again, I'm thrilling to the delightful flowers, brisk wind, and green leaves of spring! OK, I admit it. Whichever of those seasons I'm in, THAT's my favorite. And whichever other two seasons I'm in (summer and winter), my favorite is the one that is coming NEXT!  :) 
Both spring and fall are fun because they have … (6 comments)

kaye swain roseville real estate agent: Valentine Things to Do In Roseville CA Area - 02/05/17 02:53 PM
Valentine's Day is coming FAST. Do you send Valentines Day cards? My senior mom used to send them to every single great-grandchild. Zowie! Of course, she was fully retired by then. As a busy real estate agent, living in West Roseville CA I'm happy with texts,
phone calls, and - my latest goal - striving to send one card to each family, even my local loved ones. :) 
One of the things I LOVE about my job as a REALTOR is that I get to show off one of my favorite cities, Roseville CA, especially during the various holidays. For example, here in my … (5 comments)