pierce county wa: How Are You Doing With The Time Change? - 03/09/14 12:46 PM
Oh my! I don't know about you, but these time changes just seem to get harder and harder. This time around I was so busy with various real estate and caregiving issues, I didn't even realize it was changing til earlier in the week and promptly forgot it. Then I remembered last night. But forgot when I woke so I ended up getting out of bed earlier than planned. The good thing was, I got more done in the morning. But I'm definitely a bit draggy tonight. Then again, that should help get me to bed earlier and more quickly acclimated to … (5 comments)

pierce county wa: Sunday Smiles: Portable Encouragement Via My iPhone - 03/02/14 08:36 AM
I've been spending the last month or two really immersing myself in the book of Hebrews and it's been well worth it. Each day, God reminds me of something special or blesses me with sweet words of encouragement like these from Hebrews 13:6.
I love taking photos of water wherever I am. With the rivers and creeks, we have it all around us, and I love it. This seemed a lovely background for these words of encouragement for all of us, from elderly parents on down to our young kids and grandkids. I love to make these Scripture pictures and save them to … (4 comments)

pierce county wa: Sunday Smiles: Love-ly Encouragement via Steven Curtis Chapman - 02/23/14 02:38 PM
February has definitely been a busy and challenging month on many fronts. One day, in particular, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when a song came on by Steven Curtis Chapman. "Love Take Me Over" immediately cheered me up with its great tune and filled my heart with peace as I was reminded by the lyrics Who needs to be in charge of my days, weeks, and months - minute by minute. That's as true in your neck of the woods as it is here in Pierce County, Washington.

I'm hoping you will find this as encouraging and uplifting as I did. … (3 comments)

pierce county wa: A Smile for Your Week - You Will LOVE This YouTube Video - 02/09/14 03:40 AM
This was just so adorable I wanted to share it with y'all and put a happy smile on your face! 

A smile for the week from your Pierce County Real Estate Broker / Agent - Kaye Swain. 

pierce county wa: Wapato Park In Tacoma Washington Is A Grand Park for One or Many - 02/01/14 11:51 AM
Wapato Park in Tacoma Washington is a delightful place to visit - alone, with grandkids, or with your furry four-legged friends. This lovely oasis is located at 6500 S. Sheridan Avenue, in Tacoma, off of I-5 near the 72nd street exit. It opens 1/2 hour before sunrise and closes 1/2 hour after sunset.  
Wapato Park has your normal run-of-the-mill park joys like a playground, restrooms, and picnic sites. It has some sweet extras like an off-leash dog park or THREE - including one just for little dogs.
It also has some items my California parks NEVER had, like a gorgeous … (2 comments)

pierce county wa: Market Stats, Trends, and Tips for Five Lovely Cities in Pierce County - 01/24/14 08:55 AM
Washington is a beautiful state, full of evergreen trees, hence the nickname - The Evergreen State of Washington. The bodies of water are gorgeous to see as we drive around on errands or showing off the area to visiting friends and family. I really enjoy discovering new things about this lovely state, particularly the area of Pierce County where I am living and working.
Five of my favorite cities in this area are DuPont (I love both sides, but the new homes, parks, and biking/riding trails are grand), Steilacoom (this lovely quaint village on the gorgeous and serene Puget Sound make … (0 comments)

pierce county wa: Steilacoom, Charming Town on The Water's Edge of the Puget Sound - 01/19/14 02:26 PM
Steilacoom, Washington is a delightful little town located in the central portion of the Puget Sound. I love to drive through this charming city while on various errands. To get to Steilacoom from either direction (from Lakewood or JBLM / DuPont), you enjoy drive through towering trees that are gorgeous. Even in the middle of winter, many are still green. (Yet another reason for the state's nickname - the Evergreen State of Washington.) And whichever direction you arrive from, you end up enjoying a beautiful vista of water and islands.
This sweet city was featured by Coastal Living Magazine a few years … (2 comments)

pierce county wa: Writing On Local Areas Helps Our Readers, Real Estate Clients, AND Us - 01/08/14 10:52 AM
ActiveRain is a grand help for many of us in the real estate business. It's a terrific place to learn new things, encourage each other and be encouraged, and an excellent way to help grow our businesses online and off. 
One of ActiveRain's guiding principles from their "Weltanschauung," is "we believe that real estate professionals will thrive if they demonstrate their local market expertise. With ever greater access to listings, local knowledge is now the key differentiator." Well said!
Local knowledge is definitely a powerful tool for real estate agents to help their clients, those who live in the area already … (6 comments)

pierce county wa: Fort Steilacoom Park Washington - A Lovely Park For the Whole Family - 01/06/14 01:01 PM
Parks are such a grand part of a city's plans, aren't they? And such a help to so many who live there - including grandparents with visiting grandkids. In Lakewood, Washington, there are twelve parks. One of our favorites is Fort Steilacoom Park located at 8714 87th Ave SW, right across the street from the historic Fort Steilacoom. It's 340 acres, the biggest park in Lakewood, and enjoyed daily by people from Lakewood AND beyond. It's full of fun options for all ages, including:
picnic areas and rentable shelters for friend and family get-togethers a very cool playground a huge trail … (2 comments)

pierce county wa: The Things You Learn When Blogging-Like In University Place Washington - 01/04/14 05:26 AM
For over five years, I've been blogging about boomers and seniors and real estate and life and caregiving and family and moving and... I've learned a lot over the last five + years. Some things good. Some things bad. Some things exciting. Today I learned something that made the younger folk in my family quite excited. If my senior dad was still with us, he'd be dancing the jig as well! What in the world could that be, you might ask?
I wrote an article spotlighting the lovely town of University Place in Washington. This is one of several cities in Pierce … (6 comments)