roseville ca: Multigenerational Home Joys in Roseville CA - 03/28/17 04:43 PM
I've lived in several homes over the years. Each one holds sweet, special and unique memories for me.
But each one also shares something in common with all the rest. At every home I've lived in there have been great neighbors who became dear friends - many of whom I'm blessed to be in contact with to this day - some by phone, some by Facebook, all by sweet memories. Some have even gone home to heaven and I look forward to seeing them again someday. :) 
One special memory I have is tied to my only brand-new home. Located in Roseville CA, … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Roseville Spring Joys Including Easter, Flowers, Tax Day Delays - 03/28/17 04:21 PM
Hooray! It's SPRING!
One of my TWO favorite seasons of the year - the second being Autumn, which is probably my favorite. Those gorgeous leaves and the cool crisp air are a delight. My grandkids and I thrill to the Autumn Ballet of leaves dancing everywhere. Then again, I'm thrilling to the delightful flowers, brisk wind, and green leaves of spring! OK, I admit it. Whichever of those seasons I'm in, THAT's my favorite. And whichever other two seasons I'm in (summer and winter), my favorite is the one that is coming NEXT!  :) 
Both spring and fall are fun because they have … (6 comments)

roseville ca: Valentine Things to Do In Roseville CA Area - 02/05/17 02:53 PM
Valentine's Day is coming FAST. Do you send Valentines Day cards? My senior mom used to send them to every single great-grandchild. Zowie! Of course, she was fully retired by then. As a busy real estate agent, living in West Roseville CA I'm happy with texts,
phone calls, and - my latest goal - striving to send one card to each family, even my local loved ones. :) 
One of the things I LOVE about my job as a REALTOR is that I get to show off one of my favorite cities, Roseville CA, especially during the various holidays. For example, here in my … (5 comments)

roseville ca: Many Lovely Merry Christmas Trees In Roseville CA - 12/16/15 06:42 AM
Roseville California is a grand city in the greater Sacramento CA area. It has an approximate population of 127,035 as of 2013 and per Wikipedia, "it's the largest city in Placer County, California, United States, located in the Sacramento metropolitan area."  
I like to tell people that here in Roseville CA we get to enjoy "small town living with big city conveniences!" And that goes double for all the fun seasonal and holiday activities we enjoy here. Including lovely Christmas trees and decorations throughout our delightful town.
Those trees start at our Downtown Square. Nowadays, we get to enjoy a ginormous Christmas tree in the … (10 comments)

roseville ca: Enjoying Smartphone Wallpaper Fun, Apps, Tips, and Encouragement - 11/23/15 08:33 AM
ActiveRain is an excellent resource for REALTORS and I've found quite a bit of useful info for myself or to share with my real estate clients. I also enjoy the fun contests at ActiveRain though don't always have time to join in. This month I get a double treat as I participated in the Thanksgiving Contest: Five Years of Thankfulness with my article "Big and Small Thanksgiving Joys In Roseville CA" and now I'm joining in the AR Contest - Show Us Your Wallpaper.
It's always interesting to see what different people have as wallpaper on their … (3 comments)

roseville ca: Big and Small Thanksgiving Joys In Roseville CA - 11/23/15 03:10 AM

It's the week of Thanksgiving and a time to stop and appreciate the wonderful gifts God has provided us in many ways. I am very grateful for the many big gifts He's blessed us with including His love for us, life itself, my sweet family, the cute grand-pets I love who also love me, and the great communities we've enjoyed through the years, including Roseville CA.
I'm also quite grateful for the little things in life, like excellent tools to help me in a variety of ways including helping my real estate clients as well as with community volunteer work. Tools like:
iPhone - this is indispensable for my real … (6 comments)

roseville ca: Interested in Relocating to Roseville CA - 10/26/15 06:09 AM

If you're moving to the Sacramento area and you've been eyeballing the areas in and around that lovely and BIG city, you may have noticed a smaller town a bit above it, called Roseville CA. That's what happened to us over 20 years ago when my sweet husband accepted a job offer that required us to move from Southern California to Northern California. 
We went and bought maps of the whole Sacramento area. (No cell phones for us then, let alone GPS, google maps, apps, or even the internet. WOW!)
Commandeering the dining room table for awhile, we spread that map out to … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Is Multi-Generational Living Becoming a New Norm? - 09/21/15 12:43 AM
I don't know about you, but I get rather frustrated when I read articles commenting negatively about multigenerational living, such as college students "still at home" and "sponging off parents!" What!?!?!?!?  We encouraged our kids to stay home for college for several reasons including the fact that it made excellent economic sense - like no massive student loans for either of us! 
Now, they are all doing great in their own homes with their own families and we are quite proud of all of them.
My senior parents moved in with me when my dad's health declined. After he passed away, my mom … (5 comments)

roseville ca: Flowers Are Great Gifts in Roseville, Sacramento, and Beyond - 09/16/15 02:07 AM

Flowers are wonderful, aren't they! I'm especially partial to roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas, peonies, and camellias - the fluffier the better. Here in the Roseville, Sacramento area of California, we have such great weather throughout the year that we usually enjoy some type of flowers all year long. Even with the California drought weather we have been experiencing, our flowers are still blooming although some may be a bit browner than before due to water restrictions.  But still they perk along.
Flowers make great gifts as well. I frequently stop at our local Trader Joe's at 1117 Roseville Square … (1 comments)

roseville ca: We Are Sizzling Away in Roseville and Sacramento, California - 07/20/15 02:36 AM
While taking a loved one to the Sacramento International Aiport yesterday, we enjoyed lunch together at the airport's Jack's Urban Eats. I used a photo of their tasty garlic french fries we munched as the background for two weather photos via my handy dandy Insta-Weather App. 
As you can see, the Roseville - Sacramento area of California is sizzling. It was 93 at the Sacramento airport at about 1:30 pm and warmer than that in Roseville when I finally got home around 4:30 - 99! Today it … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Lovely Master Planned Communities in Roseville CA - 04/24/15 01:34 AM
Master Planned Communities Defined
What is a master planned community? According to, it is defined as "A type of residential plan that includes an unusual number of recreational amenities such as parks, golf courses, lakes, bike paths, and jogging trails. The scope of the plan is very large scale and the number and variety of amenities clearly separates it from a normal plan for a housing subdivision." 
Another definition of a master planned community comes from Westpark Communities who has been building master planned communities in West Roseville and Lincoln, CA for years, "Building communities where people live, work and play." 
Two of … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Roseville CA 95747: Market Report, March 28, 2015 - 03/28/15 02:04 AM
Blissfully Enjoying Spring in Roseville CA 95747!

The flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting leaves, the weather is gorgeous and downright hot, and the nurseries are packed. Spring has sprung abundantly in Roseville California and we are blissfully enjoying it. I just planted a gorgeous smelling mauve/pink rose in my front yard and tidied up the planter with compost followed by bark. My senior mom has been busy planting tomato plants into containers on the patio table - her version of "raised beds gardening." That makes it so much easier for her to work ont he plants. We have seed … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Business Card Updates for 2015 - 03/15/15 08:16 AM
I consider my real estate business cards an important tool in my business. As techy as I am, I still like to give AND receive cards as well. Nowadays, everyone is so busy - agents and clients alike - that having a business card handy can help ensure the info actually gets entered eventually. People say, "Oh, I'll email or text you my contact info," but it doesn't always happen, does it?
This year, I decided to make my business card even more useful for my clients and friends. So I took the white space on the back and turned it … (6 comments)

roseville ca: Pinterest-ing Resources About Neighborhood Holiday Activities - 06/29/14 07:40 AM
I love providing area resources to my real estate clients - online as well as offline. Pinterest and Facebook are all great tools to help us do just that, along with Instagram and G+. I strive for a good balance of information about the area, resources and info about the real estate process, and also enjoy sharing holiday and other resources that are just plain fun - so long distance clients planning a relocation to Roseville, CA and the surrounding Sacramento area can be helped as well as local clients before AND after their real estate transaction closes. 
For example. the 4th of July falls … (4 comments)

roseville ca: Using Social Media To Provide Good Resources For Real Estate Clients - 06/01/14 10:47 AM
Social media is one of my specialties for helping clients sell their homes. That's one of the many reasons I partnered up with Keller Williams as it's one of their specialties too! We all know well, from surveys and from personal experience, that most home buyers AND home sellers head first to the internet, making this a vital part of the real estate process.
I love using Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Instagram, and more to meet others with common interests, brainstorm with fellow agents, encourage and chat with fellow baby boomers and caregivers who are also dealing with aging in place … (13 comments)

roseville ca: Sunday Smiles: Water Pix & Comforting Bible Verses - 04/06/14 09:56 AM
I do love this water view and thought it would make a delightful background for a Sunday Smile.
I did a crop of it, used the HDR filter from my mobile app Snapseed, then added the words from one of the comforting Bible verses that have really blessed me this week. And voila!

I really love water views - whether it's a beach on the coast, the bubbling Dry creek in that runs through Royer Park and Saugstad Park in Central Roseville CA, the gorgeous American River on the drive through Sacramento, or a new scene spotted while traveling for work or … (2 comments)

roseville ca: Boomers and Seniors Start 2014 With Positive Focus On Aging in Place - 12/31/13 03:02 PM
Happy New Year! I'm hoping y'all are having a grand and safe time. My senior mom and I are enjoying a peaceful quiet night - finishing old projects and starting new ones. 
I've also been doing some research on various aging-in-place options and articles such as:
Universal Design Angles You Haven't Seen - Did you know this was a concept that originated with the Johnson administration but has seen a rebirth as we baby boomers keep on aging? 4 easy-living, universal design tips for any home - Great ideas including one of my senior mom's faves - lever-style handles for door … (20 comments)